4 Great Ways for Your Law Firm to Rise Above the Pack

As a player in the law firm world, you are dealing with what can only be described as a constantly rising floor, particularly in terms of law firm marketing.  What that means is that as your competitors in the industry get wise to certain law firm marketing techniques, you then need to do one better to make sure that you are ahead of the curve, that you can differentiate your firm from all the marketing ‘noise,’ and that you can rise above the pack.

The Constantly Rising Marketing Floor

There was a time, only a few years ago, when a number of law firms still did not have their own websites.  Those types of firms are now very few and far between.  Most likely all of your competitors have a website.  Therefore, merely having an attractive website is no longer a distinguishing feature.

There was also a time when having updated articles and blog content was only done by a handful of your competitors.  It took a while for firms to understand that constantly new and updated content on a website resulted in higher rankings when potential clients ran a Google search for legal services.  Now, however, many of your competitors have tons of content on their websites to draw in more business.

There even was a time when many law firms failed to appreciate that most people seeking legal representation do so on a mobile, hand-held device.  Many websites, for a time, were not optimized for mobile.  Those firms that had websites that were optimized for mobile had an edge.  But that is no longer true.  Why?  Because the law firm marketing floor is constantly rising.

The notion of the “floor constantly rising,” however, should not get you down.  Look at it as an opportunity.  Rather than hopelessly feeling that you are digging a hole in water, you should see the ever-changing law firm marketing horizon as an opportunity to refine your firm’s goals, your firm’s image, and your firm’s brand.

4 Great Ways to Set Your Law Firm Apart from the Rest

To give you a little nudge in that hopeful direction, here are 4 great ways in which you can make sure that your law firm can rise above the pack.  And have no fear.  When competitors get wind of these great tools, there will always be more that you can use in the future.  Just as the floor constantly rises, there is no ceiling on creative law firm marketing possibilities.

1.         Gear Your Website Towards Your Firm’s Greatest Strength

Being a generalist has its problems in today’s legal market.  If you are seeking to bring your firm to the next level with more sophisticated clients and more sophisticated cases, then there is a definite need to specialize.  Even generalists end up specializing a little bit, when they gain a reputation for one area of the law.

That said, take stock of what cases most interest you, and where you have gained particular expertise.  Then translate that specialized knowledge into a website platform that highlights that specialization.  Just like you can’t be all things to all people, it is virtually impossible for your firm to be all things to all clients.  There is plenty of work out there in your area of specialty.  So, make sure that your firm projects an image of expertise in one legal area.

2.         Don’t Shy Away from Client Feedback

Client feedback and reviews can be a daunting subject for many law firms.  We all know the horror stories we hear about online reviews on platforms such as Yelp.  We invite you, however, to summon up the courage and dive headlong into the law firm marketing potential that comes with reviews, feedback, and testimonials.

Indeed, potential clients looking at firm’s website will want to know less about what you can promise, and more about what you have already done for clients.  The way to accomplish that is through client testimonials.

Therefore, rather than passively wait for feedback to come from clients who are so inclined, you would be wise to actively seek feedback from your clients as much as possible.  Since we all know that giving feedback can be a pain, the way to counteract that emotion is to mention to new clients that you will eventually be asking for their feedback.  Once you have planted that seed, clients will be much more inclined at the end of a case to give constructive feedback.

Once you get the stellar feedback you deserve, highlight quotes from your clients’ feedback on your website.  In fact, having testimonials alongside content on your site can be very effective.  On the flip side, do not let negative feedback get you down.  Use that criticism as a way to improve your practice, and prove to the unhappy client that you will work to win their business again.

3.         With Success – Actions Speak Louder than Words

Even though most law firms have websites, they tell users about rather than show their achievements.  The way to set your firm apart from the rest is to demonstrate your successes.  Instant credibility comes with proof that your firm has real success stories to show.

So, the way to demonstrate success is to provide information about case victories, including a little about the case, and the importance of the positive outcome.  Another way to demonstrate success is to list any awards the firm has won.  More and more firms are including the logos of those awards on their websites.  Finally, mentioning and/or linking to instances when your firm has been mentioned in the media will also demonstrate success.

4.         Get Visible to the Searching User

As we have mentioned in previous blogs, the most gorgeous website is useless unless people can get to it.  That means that you need to do what it takes to stand out online with high rankings in popular search engines.  That kind of traffic and visibility comes with a solid digital marketing strategy that employs search engine optimization.

While you can spend the time learning about digital marketing techniques, it would probably be the best use of your marketing dollar to hire the right people to help you with your digital presence.

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