unusual law firm advertising ideas

10 Unusual Law Firm Advertising Ideas

In the law business today, getting clients is the name of the game. Any legal recruiter will tell you that the most important thing you need to move upward in the business is to have a book of business.

You could be the best trial lawyer on earth, the best appellate writer this side of the Atlantic Ocean, the strongest patent attorney that any inventor has ever met, the most knowledgeable on the most obscure of bankruptcy laws, and the savviest negotiator in the corporate M&A world.  Yet, without clients, you are a set of phenomenal skills with nowhere to use them. In short, good lawyers generate business as well as practice law.

That is why however noble the practice of law can be, there is the business side of things that you cannot ignore.  And, really, the business is a precursor to all the other aspects of your legal practice.

So, How Do You Build a Book of Business?

You already know the answer to that question.  You need to get clients. And how do you get clients?  You need to advertise. This blog will take some time to give you a list of 10 law firm advertising ideas that you can employ right now.  We call them “unusual” law firm advertising ideas, because they are either unorthodox, or you need to start looking at the ideas in a different way.

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Now on to the 10 law firm advertising ideas.

Idea #1 – Everyone is a Potential Client

While it might sound a little callous, it is true that any person in your life maybe someone who might at some point need your services.  Or, a person in your life will know someone who will need your services.

Does that mean that you need to be in constant “marketing mode?”  No. But, it does mean that you should never discount someone as a person who may be able to help your book of business sometime down the road.

Remember, clients can come to you from the vendors with whom you deal, your peers and subordinates, your relatives, your former employers, and even your superiors.

Idea #2 – Talk About Yourself a Little

Modesty is a virtue, but it is not conducive to a law firm’s advertising idea.  Rather, you need to talk about yourself and your practice whenever appropriate.

If people learn about what you do and you talk about it, then those people are more likely to think that you are an expert in that particular field.  Here is some food for thought: “You can build a better mousetrap, but if the world does not know about it, they will beat a path right around your door.”

Idea #3 – Be the Example

In business . . . indeed, in life . . . reputation is everything.  If you conduct yourself in a way such that people learn that you cut corners; if associates in your firm see that you pad, or flat out makeup, your billable hours; then that reputation will spread.  Thus, it is in your best business interest to conduct yourself with the highest integrity and honesty.

We call this an unusual law firm advertising idea because it is not common to see ethical behavior as an advertising technique, but it actually is.

Idea #4 – Show Interest in Others

Related to the next idea – working your network – it is immensely helpful that you take an interest in the work and issues of your colleagues either inside or outside the firm.  That could lead to referrals. Just as important, take an interest in your potential clients. If you are aware of their concerns and discuss them, then your potential clients will more likely see you as a person who can solve those concerns.

Idea #5 – Work the Network

“Networking” is a daunting term but simply put, you need to get out there.  Test your comfort zone and meet people. That means going to events where attorneys are likely to be present and also go to events in which you will stand out because you are an attorney.  So, get out there and be social.

Idea #6 – Get Specific

In a nutshell, lawyers who specialize are likely to get more work.  So, you need to specialize. Specializing in litigation is good. Specializing in representing manufacturers of box cutters that injure people, even better.  You get the picture. Being the go-to attorney in a specific field makes you the expert.

Idea #7 – Keep in Touch, for Real

We always tell our friends that we will “keep in touch.”  We all know, though, that it is easier said than done. But, to effectively build a book of business, you need to make the effort and be familiar to your friends and colleagues.  Call people on their birthdays, send letter updates, forward articles of interest. Go out of your way to let people know that you are there.

Idea #8 – Become a Student of Marketing

Get to know marketing principles.  You are concerned about law firm advertising ideas, so read marketing books and articles, and go to a marketing seminar.  Make sure, however, that you study topics that interest you. That way, you will be engaged in a compelling topic that is related to marketing.

Idea #9 – Start Somewhere

This is not necessarily a usual idea, but it is a necessary idea – don’t quit.  One major client can change your life and your entire legal practice. Being at the right place at the right time for that client is all about preparation.  If you are sticking with your law firm advertising ideas, then you are prepared for that break to come.

Idea #10 – Hire Oamii

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