Market Segmentation. What Is It and can It Help My Law Firm Marketing?

Law firms cannot avoid the need to engage in digital marketing.  According to a 2015 study, just a few years ago about 65% of all law firm websites were not optimized for mobile devices, 27% did not have the firm’s phone number on the home page, and – shockingly – about 40% of law firms did not even have a website.

Law Firms Need to Get Behind Digital Marketing

It is true that law firms tend to lag behind marketing, and other cutting-edge business-related, trends.  But, potential clients now have many, many choices when it comes to legal representation and firms are becoming more and more specialized in order to carve out a viable client base.  So, it is vital that your firm mirror the kinds of marketing that help other non-legal businesses achieve success.

Of course, networking, personal relationships, and word-of-mouth will always play a key role in any law firm’s marketing strategy.  That being said, even those tried-and-true drivers of client generation can get a substantial boost from digital marketing strategies.

Without forcing you or your firm to become an overnight expert in digital marketing, or requiring you to delve into the latest popular social media platforms (is Facebook yesterday’s news?  Is Instagram still the most popular today?) you may want to consider outsourcing your digital marketing function.

Oamii, South Florida’s premier law firm marketing specialists, are here to worry about your digital marketing strategy so you don’t have to.  Many of our clients are law firms that understand that keeping up with the competition means keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends.  We at Oamii devote all of our expertise to ensuring that we understand the latest, most effective marketing tools.

We also bring the added value of employing the kinds of digital marketing techniques that have yet to become mainstream, so we can stay ahead of the competition.  We welcome you to take a moment to help your firm and help your book of business by consulting with one of our Oamii digital marketing professionals today.  Call us at 561-228-4111.  We specialize in helping law firms succeed.

Market Segmentation – The Basics

Fundamentally, you know that marketing is the way in which your law firm’s name gets out into the marketplace.  Without giving potential clients a way to find your firm, your firm would never get business.  Accordingly, marketing is simply a necessary part of the business strategy for any law firm.  And marketing includes the exercise of building up from a basic foundation.

The basic foundation is getting your firm’s name gets out there by telling friends and family; having a sign on your door; having business cards to give to people at events; and, of course, by having a website online.

Building upward from there, your firm can provide information or content that is relevant to those who may wish to use your services.  In terms of digital marketing, that means that putting articles, news, and current information up on your website to inform (and hopefully attract) potential clients.

Then, the next building block is to target your content to a particular audience.  You may begin by providing content on your website or through email campaigns that are meant for everyone.  But, your marketing gets more refined, and therefore more effective, when you focus a message on those who will be particularly receptive to the message.

That type of marketing is what market segmentation is all about.  Segmentation means dividing up your audience, and then focusing the most meaningful content on the appropriate audience.  If you handle cases for both Spanish- and English-speaking clients, perhaps you may have a different website catering to each population.  If you handle both tax cases and wills & estates cases, maybe you can separate your email list by the area of practice, and have a different newsletter for each.

Ways to Segment Your Target Audience

If you have some information about the audience you are trying to reach, then you can start to use that evidence to your advantage.  Here are a few ways in which you can segment your target market to get the best return on your investment of marketing dollars.

  • Segmentation by Need.  This type of segmentation, as the name suggests, separates your audience members into the types the information they are looking for.  A large corporation will not be as interested in small sales contract cases or information, but may be brought to your site for your content about intellectual property, or multinational arbitration issues.  By contrast, a small business may find your articles on employment law to be helpful for their needs.
  • Segmentation by Geography.  This type of segmentation is easy to employ because it simply goes by region.  If you are a real estate attorney, having a presence in a particular geographic area can be the key to success in your field.  The goal then is to saturate a particular area with information about your high-quality practice.
  • Segmentation by Behavior.  While it may be a little more challenging to do this type of segmentation, you could conceivably target potential clients by their marital status if you are a family law attorney, or by the type of sport that interest them if you are a personal injury attorney.
  • Segmentation by Demographics.  With information about age, gender, income, occupation, or religion, you would be able to speak directly to potential clients who may need representation relating to civil rights law or criminal law.

In sum, any marketing strategy is enhanced by your ability to tailor your message to the audience that will be most receptive to it.  That means, of course, having a good amount of information about potential clients in order to segment them.

Oamii is the digital marketing agency that is able to capitalize on the use of market segmentation to benefit your firm.  In a climate where competition is getting stiff, you need the kind of tools and strategies Oamii has to help your firm rise above the competition.  Call us today at 561-228-4111.