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Online Listings Home Inspectors Should Have To Boost SEO

It’s impossible to imagine a business not present on the internet in this age of technology. It is easier to get people to see your company and promote it to your target audience on the internet than doing it offline. It applies to home inspectors as well.

We will discuss online listing websites that home inspectors should use to promote their business and boost their SEO further. Google uses most of these listings and “citations” to ensure that the business is real and exists.

Let’s look at why it is essential to list on these sites, optimize your listings, register with them, and trial and error to grow your business.

Importance Of Online Listings For Home Inspectors

Listing on the mentioned websites will give your business more exposure and, in turn, provide you with more leads. Customers have many sites to look up businesses and services, so the more your business is listed, the traffic for your business should grow. However, you don’t want to list on sites that are not relevant home inspection businesses.

Listing your website on other reputed pages also gives backlinks and proof that you are a trustworthy business to search engines. Relevant backlinks are one of the most vital metrics for ranking high among search engines.

Let’s start with you reviewing your online presence. Enter your business info to see where your business lacks online citations and possibilities for new ones. Reviews help in Google search rankings.

How To Optimize Your Online Listings

You want to ensure that the website where you’re listing your business is relevant to what you’re promoting. You don’t want to list your Home inspection business on the pharmaceutical business directory. Some websites are free, and some charge a small fee. However, below are the things you can do:
1. Write descriptions that are consistent with the content on your website.
2. Link directly to your home page of the website. It will allow consumers to find out where you are, and other search engines can find it.
3. Many of the websites listed below will allow you to search for a business category to list your listing on their site. It will help users when they are searching for your services.
4. Pictures are great for showcasing your business.
5. Reviews for any business are essential. Many prospects use reviews to select a business or stay away from it. They help you in improving Google search rankings along with building a reputation.
Let’s look at the important sites for every home inspector to list their business. Create accounts with the websites listed below if you do not have one already before listing your business.

Top Websites Where You Should List Your Business

1. Google My Business- Sign up on Google My Business(GMB) and list your home inspection business. It’s the most crucial listing to rank well on Google.

2. Bing Places– If you have Google My Business, you can import the information. It is another free and popular place to get the name of your business out there to the public. Claim your business listing on bing, complete the profile, and verify.

3. Facebook– One can create a business page on Facebook to communicate with your target audience. Businesses get a massive amount of traffic from having a Facebook page. Many homeowners use this site to find reviews and other company information. It is free to create and manage a page on Facebook.

4. Yelp– It’s a free website to list and manage your home inspection business. Many individuals go to Yelp to find reviews on businesses when examining goods and services.

5. Apple Maps – Claim your business on AppleMaps to appear on Apple maps and IOS devices. Although most users use Google Maps, it will help reach out to a small percentage of people who use Apple Maps.

Essential Websites to List Home Inspection Business

1. Yellow Pages– Every local business should want to be on the Yellow pages. It’s considered a popular business directory for all the local businesses. Listing your website on Yellow pages will help you with your SEO.

2. – It offers contractor leads for your business. Create a profile on Porch and add the information that works best for you, such as work preferences, profile, how to contact you, and how you pay.

3. – It’s a great website that points customers in the direction of various services. You do have to agree to a “secret shop” so they can evaluate your business.

4. American Society of Home Inspectors– It is also known as ASHI and is much like Nachi. It provides many of the same benefits, and many home inspectors find that they enjoy belonging to ASHI and NACHI, so they are well informed.

5. Find Open – It is a website that allows consumers to search for various businesses. You can list your home inspection business under the category of “Home and Building Inspection,.”

6. Angi- A website you can list and grow your business. You can also showcase your work, manage your reputation and credibility, and many business tools.

7. Home advisor- It receives leads for business by signing up for this site. There is a fee.

8. Real Estate Bees- A free service to build your business in your industry and target your market.

9. – Neighborhoods are on Nextdoor to find out about services and recommendations in the areas where residents live. Claim your free business page.

10. – This site helps you put your business information on over 70 online directories.


Online listing is a crucial part of optimizing the overall SEO of your business. Follow the suggestions given in this article to increase organic and local traffic to your home inspection business website. Ensure to have experienced resources in your team to help you achieve it. You can always hire an online marketing agency like Oamii specializing in SEO, Google Ads, content marketing, and reputation management for Home inspection businesses across North America. Contact us today!