Law Firm Marketing: Message and Audience

You didn’t go to law school to be a salesperson, right? Well, now you know in hindsight that is not quite true. To be successful in private practice, you need to market your law firm. You need to get the client to “yes.”  

Having a solid understanding of the fundamentals of marketing your law firm will help you get a client to “yes.” In this article, we will focus on two primary components to your law firm marketing strategy – Message and Audience. They can be utilized through both in-person and digital marketing.  

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The Primary Building Block to Legal Marketing is Your Message

Law firm marketing, the same as all marketing, is about the message you put into the marketplace. Who you are, what you do, and what unique value that your firm brings is the message that you want to convey.  

All the tools at your disposal, from a website to email marketing, to pay-per-click advertising, should all be geared towards getting your message out there. Indeed, your marketing efforts are important to “soften the field” so prospective clients in the marketplace and referral sources know you and know where to find you.  

Try not to think of marketing as simple advertising. It is more like a constant introduction and a constant reminder to the marketplace that you are ready and able to take cases in your specialty.  

Once your message – about what you uniquely have to offer – is out there, then the next step is the “sales” part.

In “Selling” a Message – Lawyers Should Ask Questions

With a message in place, the next task is to sell that message to prospects. How do you do that as a lawyer? You ask questions. That should debunk some apprehensions you have the “sales” part because lawyers are trained to ask good questions.

How do questions become a sales technique? Well, with other consumer goods like soap and ice cream, the required sales technique has to do with the quality of the item, because the consumer already knows he or she has a need and knows which product will satisfy the need.  

With legal cases, however, oftentimes the consumer of legal services does not know the actual cause of their legal problem or the best solution. That is why questions become such an important sales technique for lawyers. 

A lawyer can “sell” his or her skills by asking good questions and getting to the bottom of what is really going on in someone’s legal case.  

That can be very easy once you are in a conversation with someone. However, how do you use that technique to draw clients to you? Well, be sure that your website and other online materials ask important questions of the person searching for legal services. That will start the conversation. Websites that do not ask questions, but rather only talk about firm successes may not get as much traction.

Knowing Your Audience is Half the Battle

There is another common misconception about law firm marketing in that it is all about getting the next new client. While growing your book of business should be the focus, you do not always grow your book by having your marketing solely focused on strangers.  

There are a lot of people to whom you should direct your marketing efforts, who could be one-step removed from the next new client you seek.  

Thus, your digital marketing efforts, in particular, should speak to a broader audience that includes:

1. Past clients. Do not lose touch with past clients. Those satisfied clients will refer you to friends and family.
2. Current clients. Marketing is an aspect of your interaction with current clients. By returning phone calls immediately, by keeping your client updated on case changes, and generally keeping the lines of communication open, you are sending the message that you are the type of lawyer with whom this client will want to continue working.
3. Industry contacts. Non-lawyers in your field will also be a good source of referrals.
4. Other lawyers. Those who do not practice in your field may be impressed by your marketing efforts to also provide referrals down the road; and
5. The media. See if your marketing allows you to be quoted or interviewed in news stories. It is possible to pitch the media about something in which you are knowledgeable.  

In sum, know you have a message to put out there. Sell that message by asking potential clients good questions, and make sure that your marketing keeps in mind audiences other than new clients.  

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