Is It True That Everything Old Is New Again in Law Firm Marketing?

We have all heard the phrase “everything old is new again.” Look at various industries and you can see how that can be true. Fashion, for example, seems to have a bit of a circular energy to it. The clothing that is cool today will be out of style tomorrow. But, wait a few years, because those skinny jeans might just come back into style. Music, as another example, seems to be a creative medium of constant innovation, yet the music of the 1980s – four decades ago – seems to have some remarkable staying power and samples of 80s music finds its way into the music of today.

Now, the question becomes does that old adage “everything old is new again,” apply to the legal industry, more specifically, how law firms market themselves. The answer is, surprisingly, not a hard “yes.” The digital transformation of the marketing landscape has been as deep as it has been wide. In short, digital marketing may have permanently put to bed some of the old techniques that were the staple of law firm marketing for years.

Accordingly, in this article, we will take a look at all of the “old school” forms of marketing and see how they fair against the digital technology backdrop. Of course, after reading this blog, if yo  u feel that you still need some extra technical expertise for the marketing campaigns for your firm, we invite you to call the top-notch legal marketing provider in West Palm Beach, Florida, Oamii.  

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The Current Law Firm Atmosphere in the Market

Before running through the various traditional marketing tools to see how they fare today, it is also important to recognize that the rise of digital marketing is not the only fundamental change that has occurred in the legal industry. There are a number of changes and market conditions with which law firms need to contend.

First, the demand for legal services is finite. Between 2018 and 2019, the revenue for legal services increased by about 6%, but that growth is largely due to an increase in legal fees, not an expanding market. Thus, lawyers are essentially dealing with a flat demand for legal services, and the only major way to find growth is by increasing market share, rather than hope for increased demand for legal services.  

Second, law firms also contend with the demand from younger attorneys for flexible schedules and part-time opportunities. Thus, law firms have found themselves having to entice good legal talent by allowing alternative schedules, remote work, and non-traditional hours.  

Third, the competition is tougher, which is due to our digital world. Potential clients have a much easier time comparing one law firm to another, by reading reviews and seeing attorney biographies.

Finally, clients have high expectations in a world that seems to provide instant response, low cost, and immediate attention. Thus, clients have become much more price sensitive.

New Challenges to Old Strategies

Given the current legal market atmosphere discussed above, you may wonder how old-school marketing techniques can help.  

1. Television Ads

Many lawyers used to depend on television advertising to cast a wide net, and even become household names. Yet, in this election year there is limited real estate for small business ads on television, and streaming services have caused a decline in traditional television viewing. Thus, if your firm advertises on television, and you still see returns on that investment, then it may be a worthwhile strategy. That said, viewership appears to be on the decline, so this may be an avenue where your marketing dollars turn to digital marketing, rather than television.

2. Radio

The radio industry has done well in evolving with the increase of streaming content. Thus, radio ads are still a viable option for law firms provided you know the demographic you are trying to reach and the demographic that a particular radio station serves. Also, a radio show typically has a host that has the trust of devoted listeners. Thus, your firm will likely benefit from the goodwill that the show’s host has with his or her audience. 

3. Direct Mail & Print Ads

In this digital world you may think that direct mail and print ads are all but dead. That is actually not quite the case. Because digital ads and marketing emails are so prevalent, a physical piece of direct mail might get noticed by potential clients. 

For print ads, the story is a little more bleak. But even newspaper and magazines understand the market and will typically bundle print ads along with digital ads, which could be a good value for your marketing dollars.  

In sum, the world is digital, and that is where your firm needs to be. The above discussion leads to that conclusion. But, some traditional methods can still have impact given that everyone is digital today.  

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