Google Ads for HVAC

How To Optimize Google Ads For Your HVAC Business?

Whether you want to start a new HVAC business or advance your existing business, you need a digital marketing plan to get ahead of your competitors and drive qualified leads. Pay Per Click(PPC) advertising with Google Ads is essential for an HVAC marketing strategy. It benefits in grabbing the attention of potential customers and builds brand awareness.

Why Use Google Ads For HVAC Business?

Google is the leading search engine in the USA and across the world, where people look for specific services. It is the first place homeowners look to find a local HVAC company whenever their air conditioner breaks down.

Search Engine Marketing(SEM) with Google Ads is an excellent way to obtain your position at the top of Google search results. This intent-based advertising approach is a cost-effective marketing strategy to reach potential customers in your target areas.

Google ads may look intimidating initially, but it is one of the best investments you can make to grow your business. At Oamii, we’ve helped several HVAC companies use Google Ads and PPC advertising to generate steady lead flow and grow their business. Following are the fundamental tips to optimize google ads for your HVAC business.

1. Choosing The Right Keywords

The success of an effective PPC campaign depends on an excellent set of keywords. Unfortunately, most HVAC businesses have severe problems with their keyword strategy.  

The most common mistake novice marketers make when creating a paid search campaign on Google Ads is adding every HVAC-related keyword that comes to mind. It is the fastest way to fail the campaign and drain all the advertising budget.

It is also essential to choose the right type of keyword match to achieve your campaign goals. Broad match, broad match modifier, phrase match, and exact match are the four different types of keyword matches you can use in your Google ads campaigns. 

Ensure to do the proper keyword research which profits your HVAC business even before finalizing the keyword matches to use. It is the key to a successful campaign.

It is no wonder that so many HVAC companies struggle with PPC advertising as most of their budget goes towards the wrong keywords.

2. Allocate Budget To Branded Keywords

Most famous companies like Amazon or Walmart rely on branded keywords when creating successful PPC campaigns. Not all companies have such huge volumes of searches, but it’s essential to attract the user searching for your brand on Google.

Your HVAC Google ads campaign should be centered around non-branded keywords. However, a small portion of the budget should be allocated for branded search terms as well.

Branded keywords are the keywords that are related to your company or a brand. Branded keywords primarily have high click-through rates (CTRs) and high-quality scores. Although the traffic volume for branded keywords is lower when compared to non-branded keywords, it should be included in your campaign strategy to protect your brand with a limited amount of spend. 

Non-branded keywords are generic and are related to your HVAC business. Non-branded keywords are competitive and can come with lower click-through rates(CTR) than the branded ones, but the good news is that they bring in the new business your HVAC needs to thrive. 

Examples of non-branded keywords are: “ac service near me,” “ac repair in Florida.”

3. Effective Landing Pages

A landing page is an individual page on your website where your prospects visit after clicking on your PPC ad. This page should be optimized well to help your prospects buy from you and also to improve the ad quality score.

You may use the top keywords in your campaign and have the best ad copy that gets clicks, but it is of no use if the users are not signing up for your HVAC services because of a landing page that is not optimized. Use the following tips to build great landing pages for your Google Ads campaigns:

1. Page Speed: Landing pages with higher page speed have higher conversion rates and high ad quality scores. It’s essential to Keep page load speed below 3 seconds, or your prospects will leave before signing up.

2. Contact Information: Not all prospective customers fill your sign-up form. Some feel comfortable by directly calling your phone number. Therefore, it is essential to put all your contact information like phone number, email address, and hours of operation on your landing page.

3. Keywords: Place keywords that you’ve used in your Google Ads campaigns and ad copy on your landing page to streamline your customer experience throughout the journey. User experience throughout the customer Journey impacts ad quality scores.

4. Mobile-Friendliness: Vast majority of your prospects use their mobile devices to search for HVAC services. Ensure that your website and landing pages load well on mobile phones and tablets along with laptops.

5. Testimonials & Reviews: testimonials and reviews play a crucial factor in converting your prospect. Ensure that you have at least 2 or 3 customer testimonials on your landing page.

4. Use Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are an excellent tool for marketers who advertise on Google Ads, including HVAC companies. They enable you to add rich snippets to your ad campaign, providing users with more information and making it easier for them to get in touch with you.

They are visually appealing and look different than everyone else’s ads or organic search results.

Call extensions are the best extensions among all, as they make it easy for users to call you quickly, especially when browsing on mobile.


Implement all the pointers listed above while planning search ad campaigns for your HVAC business. These are just the basic things one should keep in mind before executing the Google ads campaigns. There are more advanced strategies that will help you to increase conversion rate and decrease cost per acquisition. Our team at Oamii is a certified Google ads partner and has excellent marketers who are well versed in executing advertising campaigns for prominent HVAC businesses. Get in touch with us to get free consultation and audit for Google ads and Google local service ads(LSA).