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How to Convert the People Visiting Your Website into Paying Clients?

We all know that “knowledge is power.”  When it comes to marketing your law firm website, knowing how website visitors are using your website gives you the power to convert more visitors into paying clients.

Accordingly, in this article, we are going to delve into what elements of your website will motivate visitors to take action and schedule a consultation with you, rather than just “click on by.”  Indeed, we may spend a great deal of time bringing visitors to our website, with pay-per-click advertising, SEO, and blogs; but without certain elements on the site, your website might be stopping just short of closing the deal.   

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The Factors that Convert Visitors into Engaged Clients

There are a number of tools and elements on your website that will encourage visitors to become active in reaching out to you.  Here is a list of some main players:

1. Calls to Action

Sounds a bit like a battle cry, but in the internet marketing world, a “call to action” has a very specific meaning.  It actually comes from the notion in marketing that people may be enticed by a product or service, but they still need that extra invitation to ensure that they act on the thing that entices them.  

It may seem so obvious, but you may be surprised to know that people need to be told to reach out and call.  Interestingly, we as humans may be drawn to something but still pass it up if it is not extremely easy to take the next step.  So, you need a call to action, meaning:  invite the visitor to do something, which could be to call and schedule a consultation or fill out the “contact us” form.  

2. What is the Value You Provide

Your website is your opportunity to explain what sets you apart from other attorneys.  Are you someone who has a particular angle on estate planning matters because you are also a CPA?  Are you a compassionate advisor to those who have been in a serious accident?  

Whatever distinguishes you and your talents is what your website should discuss.  In short, let your visitors know what problem of theirs you can solve.

3. Chat Function

Chat services – in which a dialogue box pops up allowing the visitor to chat in real-time – are becoming more and more popular.  Chat services are great to help current clients get some quick answers, and they are also a great way to generate more leads.  The key is for the chat service to be obvious, yet unobtrusive.  

4. Giveaways to Attract Leads

You certainly have come across something online that asks for your email address before you can open up or download an article.  Well, those giveaways – for the price of an email address – can be great lead generators for you.  These are particularly good for the law firm world because people like to learn more through white papers and e-books.  Thus, if you draft an e-book on a certain subject, you can get email leads.  

5. Checklist

You may have heard the term “listical,” which is an article with lists.  Regardless of what you might think about them, they are great tools to help visitors become clients.  If you provide a “step by step guide to finding the right real estate attorney,” you will be surprised that people will want to learn more from you.  

Overall, try different elements on your website to see what activates visitors to contact you and want to learn more. The more you track what elements work, and what don’t, the better your internet marketing will be.

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