law firm marketing like a long hello

How is Law Firm Marketing Like a “Long Hello?”

We’re all a little impatient, right?  Ever since we were children, the notion of delayed gratification has always been a tough challenge. In fact, one could argue that our entire culture – certainly American culture – is centered on getting what we want, exactly when we want it.  And, technology, of course, has been instrumental in achieving that goal. 

It Ain’t Like the Old Days . . .

Do you know that there was a time that you could call someone on the phone, and you would have to remember to call them back if they didn’t answer the phone? Sounds shocking to some, but before the 70s there was no answering machine, let alone a cell phone to leave a text in lieu of a message.  

Do you know that there was a time when information had to be researched in books, at the library, and you didn’t have the answer to any random question at your fingertips? An encyclopedia was bound in a multi-volume set, and even lawyers had to “Shepardize” their cases using books. Today, of course, if you want to know what movie won the Oscar for best picture in 1969, a quick internet search provides the answer in a matter of nanoseconds. Also, if you want to check the citations in your brief, all you need to do is run a quick check-in Westlaw or Lexis.

Of course, the best example of our drive towards instant gratification is online shopping. Unlike the “good old days,” we now can hop online, immediately purchase something we want, and it will be on our doorstep in the morning. In fact, companies like Amazon are working hard to try to have the item appear almost instantly on your front door right after you order.  

We Are Wired for Immediate Gratification

All of this leads to the conclusion that we, as humans, prefer immediate gratification. So, when it comes to opening a law firm, or any business for that matter, we want to have clients right away so we can hit the ground running.  Unfortunately, that is not the nature of new businesses or lawyers who are seeking to increase their book of business.  

Rather than firing on all cylinders out of the gate, marketing your law practice is more like a “long hello.”  You introduce yourself to the market of those seeking legal services at a slow and steady pace.  

Are there some lawyers who are able to hang out a shingle and get that big client immediately, the kind of client that will feed them work all the time?  Perhaps. But that is a once-in-a-blue-moon possibility. The more common path is marketing through constant steady work.  

Digital Law Firm Marketing is More of a “Long Goodbye”

This blog is about the need for you to keep your eye on the prize, even if the prize is a long way away. This is about the fact that marketing your law practice is not something that will result in immediate gratification. Rather, it will be a slow build, or as we say, a “long hello” to the marketplace.  

Don’t be discouraged. In all the blogs on our site, we talk about the various law firm digital marketing techniques that you should employ, to name a few: 

1. A constantly updated website,
2. New blog content on a regular basis,
3. Use of informative video marketing,
4. Email campaigns,
5. A social media presence,
6. Digital newsletters, and
7. Pay-per-click advertising.     

Those are all things that you need to do to stay current and keep up with the competition. 

Yet, the other thing you need to do is have a realistic, reasonable, don’t-beat-yourself-up-too-much mindset.  And that mindset is that clients don’t materialize overnight. It is a long process. It takes years.  Let that process happen, and trust in that process.  

It is easy to get disheartened when things do not seem to be building. In all our impatience – and lawyers can be an impatient bunch – we sometimes forget that the important things take time. Yet, have faith that good, solid marketing efforts will eventually pay dividends.  You just need to persist and be patient until that momentum kicks in.  

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