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Digital Marketing By the Numbers – How Are People Searching for Law Firms These Days?

As they say, the numbers don’t lie.  According to a recent report on law firm marketing, people today are as likely to search online for a lawyer than by getting a referral.  That is actually pretty big news.  

Back in the day, most people would search for a lawyer by asking friends and colleagues for referrals.  Then, after speaking with the lawyer, the person usually became a client.  Nowadays, however, it is just as common for someone to search for a lawyer on their own through online sources or some other means.  

Specifically, according to the report noted above, 59 percent of people looked for lawyers the old-fashioned way, by referral; whereas 57 percent searched on their own, either online or through other channels.  Finally, 16 percent did both.  That statistic puts into perspective the way the market now seeks legal representation.  

In this article, we will look at some additional statistics on the type of marketing that works on different people, depending on their generation, and we will also discuss some tips on digital marketing in today’s marketplace.  

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Law Firm Marketing By the Numbers

Not only are the statistics above a bit of an eye-opener, but the recent report also indicates that people tend to be more discerning customers.  In other words, people do not tend to settle on the first lawyer they meet anymore.

A recent report shows that 44 percent of people find it important to speak with more than one lawyer before signing on.  That said, 42 percent still would choose the first lawyer they speak to if they like that lawyer.  

Moreover, and not unexpectedly, younger people tend to care more about a law firm’s 

1. Website
2. Brand and image, and
3. Online reviews

For example, 49 percent of those in Generation Z (born between 1997 and 2015) care about a firm’s website compared to 21 percent of Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964).  Similarly, 45 percent of Gen Z care about a firm’s brand and image, whereas only 19 percent of Boomers do. 

Conversely, and also not unexpectedly, older generations tend to value referrals more.  Specifically, 60 percent of Boomers value personal referrals, and only 47 percent of Gen Z does the same.

In sum, as your firm seeks to appeal to younger clients, you need to flex your marketing to appeal to that demographic.  That means you will need to spruce up your digital marketing game and polish that firm brand. 

Speaking of Brand – How Do I Create a Brand?

A “brand” or image should not be a foreign concept.  While “brand” sounds like meaningless marketing language that is outside of who you are, that is actually not the case.  In fact, you already have a brand, you can’t help it.  As a lawyer, your “brand” is who you already are.  It’s actually that simple.  The hard part is putting that brand forward to attract clients.

“I already have a brand, you say?”  Yes.  It’s true.  Are you an empathetic person who really likes to know your clients on a personal level?  Are you a hard-driving negotiator who doesn’t get personal, but wins every time?  Are you the bookish technical type who can recite the volume and page number of every important case in your field?  No matter what your personality, that is your brand.  That is your uniqueness, your special quality that you can use to help your clients.  

In sum, as we said, the numbers don’t lie.  And the numbers are telling law firms that digital marketing is becoming the most important part of your law firm marketing activity because younger clients are online much more than clients of the past.

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