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Old Dog with New Tricks: Email Marketing As Part Of Your Overall Digital Marketing Strategy

With all of the new digital marketing strategies out there – pay-per-click advertisements, content with strong search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, reputation management, contextual targeting, and of course a compelling website – it might be easy to diminish email marketing as a lesser-used, even antiquated, way of marketing your business or law firm.  Not so.  It is, in fact, an old dog that has learned a few new tricks.

Email marketing is still alive and well with those who are “in the know” about effective marketing strategies.  Indeed, with the changing utility of email these days, email marketing may even be more effective than five or ten years ago.

This article will touch upon some of the strengths and strategies involving email marketing in today’s climate, with a particular focus on law firm marketing.  For a more in-depth conversation about how email marketing plays into the larger picture of your law firm’s, or other businesses, digital marketing presence, we invite you to have a free consultation with one of our digital marketing professionals at Oamii.

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How Do We Use Email Today

There are essentially two types of email usage – work and personal.  When it comes to word usage, email is – hands down – the primary way we get work communication done.  Email is task-specific, it is more efficient for communicating than even speaking to someone directly, it is flexible – allowing you to send an important message to an audience of one or one hundred thousand – and it creates a record that can be referenced later.

Without putting too much of a fine point on it, email in the workplace today is so essential that many, if not all, businesses, law firms, and other organizations would screech to a halt or simply collapse without it.  Its productive value in the workplace is without question.

Personal email on the other hand is hit or miss.  Some people still use it routinely and frequently.  Yet, other tools like basic texting and the existence of myriad social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have left regular emails in the dust.  But, ask yourself, do you still have an email account?  Of course, you do.

What Do You Get In Your Personal Email Inbox?

If you are like most people, the large majority of your email is junk mail where you signed up for something nine years ago, and it still lands in your inbox.  Then there is that small percentage of personal emails that are very important that you typically have to tend to right away.

In the middle, you get those emails in your personal inbox that are not urgent, but they are interesting and something that you want to get back to.  That is where our story begins with email marketing for your law firm or other business.

Email Marketing For Business and Law Firm

Emails that fall in that middle category – the ones that are not junk, but also do not require immediate attention – are where an email marketing strategy can be strong.  If you are a law firm that does not have an email list and does not send a periodic newsletter, then you are behind the curve on your marketing efforts.

An email strategy that includes a monthly newsletter, and even some targeted content here and there, must be a part of your digital marketing approach.  The key here is not so much that every word of your periodic mailings is read, but rather you ever so slightly keep your presence in the minds of the people on your email list.

Monthly newsletters showing your firm’s progress are not so frequent that it becomes too much, and when the need for an attorney arises, the fact that you have kept in touch will make it much more likely that you will get a call.

So, What Does Email Marketing Look Like?

There are three major things you should keep in mind when it comes to effective email marketing:

  • Periodic Newsletters.  The first type of marketing that will keep your law firm or client-based business in play is to have some substantive content sent to your email list on a regular basis.  That means you should have a monthly “newsletter” or email update that just tells the recipient about recent firm successes.
  • Targeted Mailings.  If you are capable of getting some basic distinguishing information about the people on your email list, then you can be sure to send out specific subject-matter emails to those on the list who you think would have an interest in the subject.  These mailings could be more, or less, frequent than your monthly newsletter, depending upon your strategy.
  • Quick Inquiry Response.  Did you know that over 85% of law firms take three or more days to get back to someone who has filled out a firm’s online contact form?  That is not a good first impression.  If you want to instantly distinguish yourself from the pack, have an automated response generated right after someone fills out your online contact form.  That way the person who contacted you knows that you are responsive.  Then a good client relationship can build from there.

Emails Are Not Great For Planting the Seed, But They Are Great For Cultivating the Ground

It is important to recognize that email marketing is not the best way to get new client leads.  Pay-per-click or SEO-type marketing is better suited to that “seed planting” task.  However, once you have an interested person’s email, you can cultivate that relationship effectively with the email strategy discussed above.

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