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Your Law Firm Needs a Digital Marketing Strategy: Attorneys, Oamii Is Ready to Help Your Book of Business

Anyone familiar with the legal world knows that law is becoming more and more of a business.  Gone are the days of a small legal practice moving through the decades with a steady stream of cases while skirting the untidy waters of marketing, managing a book of business, and of networking for clients. Gone are the days of “just focusing on the law,” without having to worry too much about the bottom line. We at Oamii, South Florida’s top digital marketing agency, fully understand that you, as attorneys, decry the loss of the law as a profession rather than a business.  We know that something is lost when lawyers have to enter the rough and tumble world alongside other small businesses and corporations.  Yet, we also appreciate that the only thing certain is change.

So, we at Oamii are here to help you find the silver lining in the transformation of the law firm from a small legal office floating above the fray, to a business entity that needs to effectively compete to survive. One of the best ways that Oamii can help your firm make the transition is to provide you with a successful digital marketing strategy.  And any successful digital marketing strategy starts with responsive website design.

Responsive Website Design – Oamii’s Secret Sauce for Success

To be able to compete for clients and enhance your book of business, a website is a fundamental element.  At Oamii, our expert web professionals will design a modern, responsive website that captures the essence of what your firm does and what motivates your team of lawyers.

Indeed, a website that reflects your firm’s values, highlights your firm’s areas of practice, and celebrates your firm’s successes is the key to attracting interested and loyal clients.  For Oamii to understand what makes your law firm tick, we go through a thorough process to make sure that the website is precisely what your firm wants, and needs.

To give you a flavor of the high level of service Oamii provides to ensure that your law firm’s website will stand out from the competition, here is a summary of our four-step design process.

Step 1 – The Planning Phase

At this point in the web design process, our website designers and developers get to know your firm.  We ask you a few simple questions to learn your important requirements.  We discuss your goals and give you a sense of what to expect once the website is up and running.  We also provide you with a number of options on a website package that works best for your budget.

Step 2 – The Design Phase

During this part of the process, we will build a visual concept of what your website will look like based on the details and requirements you provided in Step 1.  We encourage a healthy back and forth between your firm and our User Experience (UX) team to make sure that we design an attractive, informative, intuitive web experience for your clients and potential clients.

Here is where Oamii’s UX team goes above and beyond to make sure that the look and feel of your firm’s website is an extension of the look and feel of your firm.  Do you want to project a sense of old-school legal longevity and expertise?  Do you want to show that your firm is on the cutting edge of modern legal tech?  Or, do you want to demonstrate that your firm has the most innovative attorneys?  Your firm’s website will be able to reflect the tone you want to project the most.

Step 3 – The Development Phase

With all of the major design elements determined and look-and-feel-decisions made, Oamii will begin to develop your firm’s site.  Here is where the design concept is transformed into a living, functioning website.  At this phase, we at Oamii employ what is called Agile web development methods that guarantee efficient processing without losing quality.

Step 4 – The Customization Phase

As with the Design Phase, we expect a constructive dialogue with you to make sure that the website exceeds your expectations.  We allow you to take the time you need to review the flow and appearance of the website, and then to submit change requests to make sure that the site follows your vision that began at the Planning Phase.

We have become South Florida’s premier digital marketing agency by ensuring that our web development clients are completely satisfied with our product.  Indeed, the Responsive Website Design process is meant to make sure that the site is precisely what you want for your firm.  In fact, Oamii will not mark your project as complete until we know that we have met all of your expectations, and then some.

How Does a Website Translate Into a Healthy Book of Business

Your firm’s website is the most effective way to communicate with potential clients.  It not only provides basic contact and biographic information about your team of lawyers, but it is so much more.

It is a platform to discuss important changes in your area of the law, to demonstrate your expertise in the field through helpful blogs and articles, and to provide some guidance on basic legal principles with the goal of bringing those inquisitive users in for a consultation.  It is also your chance to show your firm’s success in the field, along with many awards and honors that your team members received.

Professionalism and knowing your target audience are the keys to a website’s success.  A website that looks professional will impress your clients.  By contrast, a website that has a “homemade” or “slapdash” feel to it will inure to your firm’s detriment when it comes to the bottom line.  Moreover, you should know your potential clientele to know what type of website will attract business to your firm. Oamii will be able to help you with all of those important choices.

In sum, Oamii has had a track record of success in helping law firms break free of the old law-firm mold, and break into the world of successful digital marketing. Our Responsive Website Design is just the beginning.  Contact us at 561-228-4111 or by filling out our contact sheet, to begin the journey towards a healthy book of business.