CLE for Marketing? Oamii Has the Answer

Continuing legal education. Just the sound of it is something that will likely make your eyes glaze over. Every lawyer has been there, and if you are still practicing, you are still there. We need to keep our CLE’s up or else we run afoul of our state bar association. It can be a challenge.

Looking out over the panoply of CLE offerings that are out there. It is more and more true that CLE providers are doing their level best to provide interesting topics, with engaging content, and a multimedia way in which to provide the information. Yet, how interesting can property concepts and the Rule Against Perpetuities every really be?

The Value of a CLE for Marketing

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a CLE that covered something that was immensely practical; that covered something that you can really use, every single day, to build your book of business and have the kind of law practice you always wanted; and that covered something that was never even touched in law school? Well, we at Oamii are here to tell you that there is just such a CLE – Marketing for Lawyers, which is currently in development at Oamii.

The one thing in law school that professors never talked about was how to market a law firm. Such issues really don’t go into how someone “thinks like a lawyer,” so that is probably why marketing did not make it into the curriculum. However, the notion of “practicing like a lawyer” has everything to do with business and marketing. As you well know, a law firm is similar to any other business. The product you are providing is your expert legal services.

Accordingly, getting a CLE on marketing for lawyers would be incredibly helpful to any lawyer. Oamii, Florida’s leading law firm digital marketing agency, is looking to provide the Marketing for Lawyers CLE, which would not only get you the CLE credits you need, but give you some valuable marketing insight that you can make practical use of immediately.

This particular blog will only touch upon some of the topics that a solid Marketing for Lawyers CLE would cover. But, if you want more detailed information or just want to find out how to sign up for the CLE, fill out our online contact form, or call us at 561-228-4111 today.

Do Lawyers Really Need a Marketing CLE?

Our experience at Oamii has made clear that most lawyers do not have a basic sense of marketing and client service skills. That lack of knowledge can be a real threat to law practice, particularly if you come across an unhappy client who decides to file an ethics complaint.  The common ethics issues are avoidable, so the ability to know how to market your practice, and do so in an ethical manner is key.

Moreover, marketing your practice is a journey, not a destination.  Taking one class and employing some marketing techniques is not going to do all the work.  You need to make marketing your firm a life-long investment.

That is why taking a marketing CLE at any stage of your career is invaluable. There are always new strategies and new marketing techniques to employ, particularly as the technology keeps changing.  Also, you and your firm’s expert knowledge is always evolving, and you want your marketing efforts to reflect that evolution.

What Would a Marketing for Lawyers CLE Look Like?

Marketing is, of course, a fairly broad subject, and one CLE could not really do it all. That said, a digital marketing CLE for one or two credit hours could give you some basics on the attorney advertising rules, and provide you with an overview of online-based marketing tools and strategies. Such topics that would be covered in a Marketing for Lawyers CLE would be as follows:

  • Overview of attorney advertising rules in your jurisdiction.
  • How to build an effective website.
  • The key to creating engaging blogs.
  • How to get the most Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with a strategy to develop online content.
  • The way to use social media, and blogs, to interest potential clients.
  • Navigating the various web advertising options, such as Google Ads and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisements.
  • Having an effective email and e-newsletter strategy so your clients, prospects, and sources of referrals stay informed of your work.

CLEs That Help Bring in Potential Clients

In sum, CLEs that both give you credit and help you bring in business is a winning combination. That is what a Marketing for Lawyers CLE can do for you. Regardless of whether you just got out of law school or are a veteran looking to move on to the next level, a practical CLE focused on building your book of business is a relevant, smart choice to make.

Oamii’s move into presenting a CLE is a natural next step because we are already South Florida’s “go-to” digital marketing agency for law firms. With lawyers on staff to assist our expert marketing professionals, we truly understand what law firms need in order to thrive. That is also the factor that sets Oamii apart from the competition. The lawyers who advise us give real-world perspective on the unique challenges facing law firms in today’s market.

As Florida’s top digital marketing agency for law firms, we keep innovating our marketing approaches, we keep updating our client’s web presence, and we keep our eye on what is coming on the horizon. All of that experience, and the resources Oamii can marshal, will be added value when you take Oamii’s Marketing for Lawyers CLE.

Let us help you to rise to the head of the pack.  We accomplish that every day with our law firm clients. We welcome you to contact us to learn more about what Oamii can do for your law firm marketing, and when our CLE is available for you. Please fill out our online contact form, or call us at 561-228-4111 today. Focused, effective marketing is a journey, and Oamii is poised to be right by your side as you take that journey towards a better client conversion rate.