attract more clients to your law firm

8 Proven Ways to Attract More Clients to Your Law Firm

Remember “Better Call Saul?” How Saul Goodman was advertising himself on TV to get more clients and still could not land any. Yes, Walter White was an exception. But still, he ended up in the bakery after leaving the lawyer position.

Let’s cut the chase; the point here is that you need to market your law firm efficiently if you want to run a law firm like Chuck McGills’ HHM. So here in this guide, we will show you eight authentic ways to attract more clients to your law firm.

1. Go for A Free Advertising Option

If I have to play a video game, I will first Google “the best gaming arenas near me.” Right? This way, I will get all those gaming arenas listed on google as established business profiles.

So the point here is before you consider going for paid marketing tactics for your law firm, consider creating your online presence via the Google local SEO. By claiming your Google listing and completing the required information, you can freely create your business profile on Google My Business.

Google algorithms will then utilize the provided information to show your law firm in the search queries of potential local clients.

2. Create A Quality Website

Websites are one of the best ways to get exceptional leads and create a brand presence for your law firm. For a better virtual appearance, it is best to take care of the website’s user experience and unique aesthetics. 

Your top priority must be the quality of content. Dr. Watson in “Sherlock Holmes” was merely blogging on a regular website and still had several readers because of his humorous content.

It would be best if you connect the credibilities and achievements on the website to show the real face of your law firm.

Since most of the prospects will be accessing the website from a smartphone, be mindful to ensure that the website works seamlessly on mobile devices. Approach law marketing agencies like Oamii or hire a law marketing professional internally who can help you with website management. 

You can quickly check the mobile-friendliness of your website by using this free tool provided by Google.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Your prospects are unlikely to navigate to the second page of google’s search results when they are in need of a service.

If your law firm is not optimized for search engines, it will reside in far-flung pages of google. Therefore, you will lose the leads and a ton of money on the table just because your website is not optimized.

Come up with the focus keywords that your prospects will likely use in search engines when they are in need of a service. Use tools like Google keyword planner or SEMrush to finalize the focus keywords.

Now optimize your website to rank on search engines for the finalized focus keywords which will help you draw more relevant traffic and leads to your website. 

Hire a professional who is well versed with law firm SEO and is aware of all the latest SEO updates released by Google. 

4. Social Media Presence

Plenty of psychologists are selling their services via social media platforms. So a law firm or a lawyer can also do the same to maintain a social presence with clients.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin are some of the best platforms to get in touch with people who might be potential clients. 

5. Be Authentic and Credible

Users remember brands that post more frequently than those with little to no activity on social media platforms. Therefore, if you want to attract more clients to your law firm, build your authority and credibility by producing valuable content consistently.

One of the proven ways to show your credibility is by publishing authentic content that your prospects or clients want to read. Create videos, weekly blog posts, and newsletters by keeping your target audience in mind.

Streaming live webinars, Facebook video sessions, and posting captivating videos is a phenomenal method to increase brand awareness and interaction with your audience.

Furthermore, you can answer a particular legal issue in the form of a video by taking legal questions from your audience.

6. Create Valuable Content

Do you know how many lawyers are practicing law in the USA? 1.3 million lawyers are working in America alone, as per American Bar Association.

As a result, if you want to grab people’s attention, it’s imperative to consistently publish valuable and updated content on your website, blogs, and social media platforms.

The most crucial aspect of creating a good law firm blog is your content. Produce content that adds value to the reader and is relevant to your prospects and clients.

Consider creating content in the form of infographics, videos, and whitepapers along with the written text.

7. Prioritize online reviews

If you plan to purchase a mobile phone, what is the first thing you do? Read online reviews. Right? Only after watching a few youtube videos and reviews can you select a smartphone. The same goes for law firms since people invest a handsome capital into legislative services, so before approaching any law firm, prospects want to first learn about their quality of services.

According to a study, 92 percent of patrons read online reviews before approaching a lawyer. Therefore, for getting reviews, you need to make your presence on major reviewing platforms like Facebook, Google My Business, Avvo, Yelp, etc.

Presenting consumers with numerous options and prompts is an efficient way to urge them to post online feedback. For example, send out an email or text message to your successful clients informing them how much you care about their experience by asking them to leave a review for you.

If you receive a negative review, acknowledge it as soon as possible. Then, make a concerted effort to communicate and correct the problem if at all possible.

8. Word-of-mouth

Again referencing “Breaking Bad,” where Saul Goodman always knows a guy who knows a guy and who knows another guy. Simply put, word of mouth spreads like a fire in the forest. Although, despite this digital age’s innovations, most law firms get their clients via word-of-mouth.

While working with a client, make sure to give your best since they can better advertise your services to those in need of legislative services.

The Takeaway?

If your law firm is new, then you need to give your best shot to its digital marketing strategy. However, be mindful that mere marketing is not enough since it’s the quality of your services that make your place in the market. By placing the right strategies and providing quality service, you can earn success in no time. Reach out to us at Oamii for a free consultation and audit of your digital marketing activities.