Law Firm on LinkedIn

8 Best Practices for Your Law Firm on LinkedIn

2021 is the best time for Law firms to start growing their audience on LinkedIn. It has 722 million users and is the most trusted social network in the USA. It’s not the largest social network like Facebook, but it’s an audience worth noticing with a specific business focus. It is the only social media platform connecting thought leadership with a vast professional audience, making it an excellent place for law firms. 

There are many best practices to keep in mind for law firms and attorneys who want to improve their results. Below are the essential LinkedIn marketing best practices for both organic LinkedIn marketing and advertising.

1. Keep Information Up to Date: Once you’ve set up your law firm’s LinkedIn page, it’s essential to ensure potential clients find you and that your firm looks professional. It may seem obvious, but you will require to complete your page to get the most benefit fully. LinkedIn’s data shows that completed pages receive 30% more weekly views.

You should fill in essential information like tagline, company overview, website link, and location of your law firm. Completing all the required fields will help you get the most out of LinkedIn.

2. Management and Administration: It’s essential to assign Linkedin marketing and management responsibility to a professional who knows Linkedin in and out. It can be someone from your marketing department or a law marketing agency like Oamii.

Ensure that you give the law firm’s Linkedin page access to the marketing department at various levels. There are four different types of page admins. We’ve discussed the roles of four general page admins below.

1. Super Admins: This role gives complete access to every page admin role available.
2. Content Admins: It gives access to create and manage page content such as stories, job postings, events, and posts. These admins can also boost your page updates and posts.
3. Creators: This role can view and manage analytics and other suggested content.
4. Analyst: This role can only observe your page’s performance by accessing analytics.

3. Updates and Accomplishments: Posting news, accomplishments, and other updates about your law firm is the best way to engage your users. Tell users about awards and recognition your firm has received and the successful results that you’ve accomplished for your clients. Any updates like firm expansion, community service, or commitment to pro bono work can be highlighted to connect with your audience.

4. Share Educational Content: One of the goals of content marketing is to establish your law firm as a thought leader. LinkedIn can be the best platform to distribute all the informatory content that you produce. Regularly share all the latest blog posts, eBooks, white papers, videos, webinars, etc., with your audience. Also, produce content that is purveyed primarily to the Linkedin audience.

Consistency is the key to success on LinkedIn. The more followers that engage with your posts, the better your chances of driving traffic and leads.

5. Leverage User Generated Content: User Generated Content(UGC) is any content such as articles, photos, videos, posts, etc. that users develop. In the case of a law firm, this will likely be content generated by your employees, attorneys, or possibly even clients. It creates a genuine touchpoint between you and your clients by amplifying their voices.

According to a study, more than 76% of users believe that user-generated content(UGC) is more authentic and valuable than brand-created content. It also encourages engagement as users are more likely to share UGC with friends and family.

Similarly, you can reshare posts where someone has tagged or mentioned your firm.

6. Choosing High-Quality Images: Bad quality images or images that are not appropriately sized will give a wrong impression to your users. Following are the things to keep in mind while uploading images to your firm’s page.

1. Logo: Logo plays a significant part in your branding. You must place it prominently upon your law firm’s page, and you want to ensure that it looks its best. The ideal logo size is 300×300 pixels in PNG format.
2. Banner image: A banner image is a great way to attract the attention of your target audience. The recommended image size is 646×220 pixels with a landscape layout.
3. Career cover image: It’s essential to have a polished cover image on your LinkedIn career page. The recommended size is 1536×768 pixels in PNG format.
4. Hero image for showcase pages: Showcase pages are the best way to promote other branches or verticals of your law firm. Please be mindful that there could be text at the bottom of the hero image; design the image with that in mind! The ideal size is 934×330 pixels with a landscape layout in PNG format.

When choosing images for your ad campaigns, be sure that it is clear and compelling for previewing your ads. We suggest high-resolution images and avoiding pictures with a lot of text on them.

7. Compelling Copy: When it comes to LinkedIn advertising, it’s crucial to write a compelling and personalized copy targeted towards your audience. Ensure that it is to the point and make sure to add a call-to-action(CTA).

8. Sharing Employee Spotlights: LinkedIn is an excellent social media platform for highlighting your employees and their accomplishments. It can also be a critical part of your law firm’s branding strategy as it provides insider knowledge to the attorneys and candidates who want to work in your law firm.

Best candidates choose a firm or a company that offers the recognition they deserve. Sharing employee spotlights is the best way to offer such recognition. It will help grow your firm’s personality in the digital space. 

Employee spotlights increase the reach and engagement of your post. Your employees are more likely to share such content on their personal LinkedIn profiles, which further reaches more audiences.

Closing Thoughts

Like any social media platform, Linkedin has many facets. Your law firm can improve its brand presence and generate a massive following if you follow all the best practices listed above. Start with auditing your LinkedIn page and look for areas of opportunity where you can optimize and improve your brand presence.