5 ways to market your law firm at pandemic

5 Ways to Market Your Law Firm In this Latest Phase of the Pandemic

It is not surprising to recognize that the nature and tone of law firm marketing was far different before the coronavirus pandemic hit. Then, in the early stages of the pandemic, the country was more-or-less in triage mode, just trying to keep its footing and survive with the economy in free fall. At that point, law firm marketing (along with most other industries) turned to a more “public service announcement” form of advertising rather than the usual marketing techniques. Now, we are in a later phase of the pandemic lifecycle – though by no means at the last phase yet. In this phase of the pandemic, your law firm marketing needs to still flex to what is going on.  

That being said, there is still one constant with regard to marketing – what does your “typical client” need right now? Thus, your marketing must change given current events, and you should to provide what your clients, and potential clients, need at this point in time. For example, employment lawyers want to instruct employers and employees about what “return to work” precautions look like and what regulations apply. Similarly, estate planning attorneys need to stress the importance of having a plan in place sooner rather than later given the unfortunate likelihood that a family member could become ill. 

Accordingly, in this article, we are going to cover 5 things you need to keep in mind as you market your law firm at this phase of the pandemic. If, after reading this article, you have more questions about general digital marketing, then we welcome you to reach out to Oamii, the digital marketing agency in West Palm Beach.   

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1. Lift Your Social Media Profile

The pandemic has forced virtually all of us to be on our computers for many, many hours in the day. What does that mean? Lots more eyes are on social media than usual – if having more eyes on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat was even possible.  

As a good marketer, you want your law firm where potential clients are. That means use this time of slower intake of new clients to improve your visibility on social media sites. Also, be sure to have video media on social media whenever possible.

2. Have You Tried Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is, essentially, a video you create of yourself – but in real-time. Talking to people in a real time Facebook Live session could be daunting, but it is worth doing. When it comes to legal services, it is hard for potential clients to discern one lawyer from another. But, if there is a relatively un-rehearsed video, people can easily get to know you, at that is what will allow you to connect with people, and ultimately get clients.

3. Use This Time to Improve Your Marketing Tools

Being able to write solid, informative content – or even go so far as to write a whole book on your area of practice – will be the best way to represent what you do for potential clients. Since things are slower in terms of clients coming in the door, use this time productively to have those articles, news items, and other tools to put your firm in the best light.

4. Be Ready for Virtual Meetings into the Future

Even though this pandemic will eventually end, a lot of the changes in the workplace because of the pandemic might be here to stay for good. One good example is video conferencing. What used to be a luxury is now a necessity. Thus, embrace the new approach to communication by contacting your clients using FaceTime on your phone, or Zoom.  

Having a face-to-face conversation, even if it is by video still allows you to convey that you are a professional and that you are trustworthy. The personal touch with clients can help with clients feeling comfortable with you and with referring you to friends.

5. What About a YouTube Channel?

Did you know that an average user will spend 88% more time on a website that has video content?  What a great fact to know. That should prompt you to think of ways in which you can get a little of you know-how onto a video, so that you can keep users on your firm’s site longer, and thus increase the odds that the user will hire you to be their lawyer.   

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