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5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Hiring Law Marketing Agency

Are you considering hiring a law firm marketing agency?

In the internet age, it’s essential for all law firms, big and small, to require some level of marketing to achieve growth and sustainability. You’re missing out on potential new clients and the revenue that comes with them if you’re not marketing your legal services. 

Not all law firms possess resources and marketers who are well versed in marketing legal businesses. Therefore, working with an experienced legal marketing agency is an effective way for law firms to improve brand awareness and engage with prospects. It also helps them to build a robust online presence to showcase their expertise.

As a result, it’s common for law firm owners to contemplate hiring a marketing agency to promote their law firm. However, it’s also essential to ask the right questions before reaching out to the agency. There are many options for Law firms to choose a marketing agency as the demand has inspired the invention of many such agencies. It means picking up the right agency which suits your needs is not an easy task.

This post will help you make the correct decision and discuss the five essential things to keep in mind before hiring a law marketing agency.

Questions To Ask Before Hiring Law Marketing Agency

1. Marketing Goals For Your Law Firm – First and foremost task as a legal service provider is to set marketing goals for your law firm. It will enable you to know which law marketing agency can help you achieve those goals. If you’ve never considered goals for your law firm before, it is the right time to do so. It should drive your entire digital marketing strategy.

When setting goals for your law firm, always begin with the end in mind. Following are some of the most prevalent marketing goals for attorney firms:

1. Increase revenue by drawing in new clients.
2. Increase organic search traffic for your target keywords.
3. Improve lead to customer conversion rate.
4. Improve brand presence online.
5. Develop your professional reputation.
6. Establish yourself as a thought leader in the legal services industry.

Having your goals outlined upfront means you will meet with a potential agency understanding what you want from them, and hear their feedback on your goals. They can further examine whether they feel they can help you with your goals completely, give you some essential strategies, and recommend any changes.

2. Budget For Marketing – Most business owners, even outside of law firms, make their marketing decisions without having any budgeting plan in place. Budgeting helps you understand where you are spending, and it also tells you how much you are spending to get each new client.

It isn’t easy to track the key performance indicators(KPIs) like return on investment(ROI) and client acquisition cost(CAC) without having a proper budgeting plan in place.

It’s essential to have a specific budget in mind and how much you’re comfortable spending before getting started with hiring a marketing agency. All the aspects of digital marketing, except for the paid campaigns, takes time to bear fruits. You need to set aside a monthly budget with the understanding that returns will not be generated instantly. 

Finally, understand if your budget is reasonable based on your marketing goals and competition. If you are competing with various law firms in highly competitive locations, you will have to spend more.

3. Resources To Support Marketing Efforts – Hiring a “good” law marketing agency is not a very simple task. You may have to provide the information and resources requested by the agency. It will help them to learn more about your law firm and business goals. It’s better to ask them what they need from your side to execute a successful marketing strategy.

For example, at Oamii law marketing agency, we ask for fundamental details like

1. Your customer personas.
2. Types of legal services you deal with.
3.  Case studies and the cases you are currently working on
4. Your firm’s story

Any of this information may seem simple to provide. Your potential marketing agency will want to dive in and understand you and your firm to represent you in your marketing strategy accurately. If you feel like you don’t have enough time or knowledge to provide enough information to them, you may want to reevaluate whether you’re ready to hire an attorney marketing agency.

4. Expectations And Involvement – There are two types of attorneys. One that leaves off all the decisions to the marketing agency and asks for periodic updates about the progress. On the flip side, some attorneys want to be a part of every marketing activity, big or small, and ask for regular weekly updates.

Therefore, you must ask yourself what level of involvement and collaboration you want from your law firm marketing agency. How much you want to be involved can affect which law firm marketing agency you choose to hire. 

For instance, if you want to have frequent in-person meetings, you may choose a local agency. If you trust your marketing agency to act independently towards your marketing goals with little feedback and involvement, then you may choose any agency irrespective of its location.

5. Final Question To Ask Before Onboarding An Agency – Most inexperienced law firms or law firms in their early stages look for a marketing agency without having their business foundation setup in place. It would be best if you considered whether your firm’s services are sufficient to justify investing in marketing initiatives to convince people to hire you. It would be best if you considered holding off on hiring a law marketing agency if you are still in the beginning stages of setting up your law firm or aware that you need to work on some of the foundational work.


By asking these vital questions, you can set yourself up for success and avoid the common traps that result in a lower ROI on your marketing investment. Please contact us today if you would like to discuss hiring a law firm marketing agency in more detail.