5 Different Law Firm Rebranding Ideas

If you have been around long enough, then you may remember the McDonald’s slogan “You deserve a break today.” For decades, that phrase was synonymous with the iconic image of a McDonald’s Big Mac, Egg McMuffin, or the famous ‘golden arches.’  Yet, about 13 years ago, McDonald’s made a major change to its now ubiquitous slogan: “I’m Lovin’ It.”  

That is rebranding, plain and simple. The periodic changes of images, slogans, logos, and even brand name is the bread and butter of marketing a company that has been around a long time. With our example of McDonald’s, marketing changes from time to time have kept the McDonald’s brand fresh and relevant for an ever-changing audience.

Applied to law firms, the same market, and marketing, principles apply. Law firms that want to remain vital and relevant in the current legal market need to know how to do legal marketing and pay some attention to the need for rebranding their image.  

Accordingly, in this article, we will explore why law firms need to consider rebranding from time to time, when is a good time to rebrand, and the 5 rebranding ideas for law firms.

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Why Rebrand the Firm?

There are a number of reasons that rebranding is a good idea. First and foremost, you need to keep up with the times.  

Just like your house needs an upgrade or renovation from time to time, so does your firm’s image. In fact, many law firms have jumped on the rebranding band-wagon, knowing that shorter, less stodgy sounding, names help with firm recognition. So, the first reason is simply breaking the monotony of a brand that has been unchanged, and thus, feels antiquated.

Second, a refreshed brand may result in a refreshed book of business. That means a reason to touch on old clients, and an opportunity to entice new ones.   

Third, an updated brand will also attract more legal talent.  It is not often recognized, but rebranding could have a positive impact on your recruiting efforts. Young associates will likely be more attracted to a firm that seems to be vibrant and growing.

When to Rebrand?

Just as in comedy, timing is everything when it comes to marketing. You need to be careful not to rebrand your firm too frequently because then you will muddle your message and confuse the images that are associated with your firm.  

That said, staying the same for years will leave you behind the pack over time. A winning strategy 10 years ago, does not necessarily mean that it is still a winning strategy today. Yet, as for knowing exactly when to rebrand, look for these clues:

1. Does your firm image “feel” stale?
2. Do you receive less interest with potential job candidates?
3. Has it been over 10 years since you have thought about your firm’s brand?
4. Are other firms making changes that you have not employed in your own practice? and
5. Are you getting less client traffic?

5 Rebranding Ideas for Your Law Firm

Once you have a sense that you need to rebrand your firm, here are 5 ideas to consider. While you do not need to do all 5 at once, do what you think is necessary to keep your firm’s reputation fresh and vital.

1. Logo.  A common and effective rebranding strategy is a change to your firm’s logo. If your firm does not even have a logo yet, then it is time to get one.  

2. Website.  Another common strategy to give your firm a new look is to update your firm’s website. Given that your website is your storefront on the internet, juicing up the look, feel, and functionality of your site is a definite place to make a change.

3. Area of Specialization. If you have recently made a foray into other areas of the law, you may want to capitalize on that change and rebrand the firm with some emphasis on that new practice area.

4. Colors.  It may initially sound strange, but you can pick two new colors for your firm. Use those colors on your website, in your logo, and on your letterhead. It can be a simple way to refresh your firm’s entire image. There is actually a fair amount of psychology around how humans perceive and associate color. Perhaps you might want to use that to your marketing advantage.

5. Firm Name. This is the big one. Changing a firm’s name can be a huge shift for your attorneys and your clients. Of course, you would not be wise to change the name of the firm entirely. But, there is a trend in the last two to three years in which firms have reduced their name to just one word.  For example, Bradley Arant Rose & White merged with Boult Cummings Conners & Berry. There was a lot of brand equity in all of those names, but the firm ultimately had to clarify its presence and changed its name to simply “Bradley.”  There were some transition hurdles, but in the long run the simpler, clarified brand will ensure its presence in the legal market for the future.  

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