2 Easy-to-Deploy Email Marketing Ideas that Will Get Your Firm Noticed

Marketing is not easy. It takes time, valuable time away from your clients. It takes energy, of which we only have a finite amount.  It takes creativity, even when those juices are not flowing as much as we would like.  

The Age-Old Marketing vs. Practicing Balance

All that being said, you know the conundrum. If you do not market your law firm practice, then there may likely come a time when you don’t have any cases to handle. It is a constant struggle between marketing and practicing. The best you can hope for, time-management-wise, is to carve out a few hours a week to devote to marketing, and try to be as efficient with that marketing time as possible.

In fact, when it comes to efficiency, there is something about the use of email to market your practice that has some built in efficiencies. Of course, you have heard about pay-per-click (“PPC”) marketing, SEO marketing, and blogging.  

But, email is special because we all know (or should know by now) how to send an email. With just a few simple tweaks, and a little primer on automation, you would be amazed how you can quickly and easily reach a number of former or potential clients and increase your chances for more work almost immediately.

That is why we are devoting today’s blog to 2 great, easy-to-deploy ways to email market that will get your firm noticed, and help build a brand.  

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2 Easy-to-Deploy Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing is not limited to just two applications, but today we will focus on two simple ways to get your law firm on the map with these two great techniques.  

1. Newsletter Emails

I think newsletters have gotten a bad reputation in the last two decades. We think that newsletters have become so ubiquitous in the legal industry that they have lost their personal touch and have limited value.  

We propose to turn that perception around, by re-thinking how you view the use of a newsletter. Marketing gurus say that you should never eat lunch alone. That is good advice. And, think about it, what do you do at those lunches? You do not give an impersonal list of your accomplishments, nor do you give too much information about your firm. Rather, you simply catch up with your colleagues and friends.

That’s it. You catch up. You tell them what’s going on. Why can’t you do that in your newsletter? Think of your newsletter as a one-on-one conversation with an old friend or colleague. You can tell them about a new blog article you just wrote, or a case that ended successfully for you. Keep it simple, and keep it relatively informal.  

How often should you email your newsletter to current and potential clients? That is up to you. But usually once every month, or every few months makes sense.  

The key with the newsletter – which you can easily send via email to your client and potential client database – is to just send it as a way to keep your colleagues up to date on what is happening at your firm. No overt sales pitches, no calls to action. Try it and you may be surprised at how your referrals will increase.  

2. Drip Email Campaigns

A drip campaign, if you have never heard the term, is a kind of automated email marketing in which you send a series of emails to potential clients that keep them engaged without overkill or spamming. Usually the catalyst for a drip campaign is when a potential client makes it known that they have some interest in your firm, by filling out the “contact us” form on your website, or downloading an eBook that your firm offers. While newsletters are periodic, one-time communications, a drip campaign can include a number of emails in succession.  

Here is a classic example of a drip campaign. Let’s say that your firm published an eBook on your website about a particular area of the law. Visitors to your site leave their email address in order to download a copy of the eBook.  

Once that happens, then behind the scenes, your email software adds them to an email list for those users who downloaded your eBook. Then an automated sequence begins. First, the eBook is immediately and automatically sent via email so it can be downloaded. Over the next few weeks, the user receives more emails that are designed to keep your firm on top of mind for that user.  

The automated sequence can be something like: one day after the eBook is sent, you send a follow-up email that supplements the eBook with additional information. Two or three days later, another email is sent asking, “do you have any questions about the eBook?” Two or three days later you send an email with a case study related to the eBook’s subject matter.  

Eventually, you will send an email to inquire whether the user would like to set up an initial consultation. There is no set number of emails for the drip campaign. The key is to design an automated set of follow-up emails to build trust and hopefully eventually get a client.       

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