What Do People Want from Your Law Firm’s Website?

We have all been interviewed for a job at one time or another in our lives.  What do we tend to focus on in those interviews? We focus on all the things we have done, and all of our past accomplishments.  Indeed, your resume is nothing but a list of the credentials of your past.  

Then, when you flip the script and you are on the other side of the interview table, you quickly realize that an interviewee’s past accomplishments, while helpful and relevant, are not what you care about most.  What you really care about as an employer is whether the person you are interviewing can do the job that you need done.  

The same dilemma presents itself with regard to your law firm’s web design.  You may feel an urge to list your accomplishments, very much like that proverbial interviewee looking for a job.  However, you need to remember that potential clients are, first and foremost, law firm’s web design to see what you can do for them – that you can do the job they need done.  

Primarily, Your Firm’s Legal Web Development Should Focus on Potential Clients’ Needs

While your credentials are worthy of mention, what people really want from your firm’s legal web design is information about how you can solve their legal issue.  So, it is important to keep that feature front and center as you build or update your law firm’s website.  

This article will break down the elements you need on your site to serve the main purpose of demonstrating how you can solve a potential client’s legal issues.  By ensuring that the elements below are incorporated into your law firm’s site, you will greatly improve the chances of getting clients to add to your book of business.

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#1 – Legal Web Design Tailored Towards Mobile Devices

Most people find goods and services by searching on their cellphones.  Accordingly, you want to make sure that your law firm’s website looks great on a mobile device.  

In fact, even though most people develop websites on a desktop or laptop (didn’t you create your law firm’s website on a large screen?) the highest priority should be that your firm’s website looks great on a cellphone.  Indeed, if your website is not mobile-friendly, then potential clients will look elsewhere.

#2 – An SSL Certificate

During your browsing of the internet, you may notice that some sites state in the web address field the words “Not Secure.”  That means that any information on that site, including any information you type into the site, may not be secure.

To remedy that, you need to ensure that your website has a “secure sockets layer” (SSL) certificate.  Typically, the company that provides your web address and domain name can make sure that you have that SSL certificate for a fee.  

The benefit of the SSL certificate is that it both indicates to browsers that your website is safe, and it helps your ranking in search engines like Google.  

#3 – Make Contact Easy

The whole goal of your law firm’s website is to convert potential clients into actual, paying clients.  In furtherance of that main goal, make it very easy for a visitor to your site to contact you. That includes having your phone number on virtually every website page, or making the “contact us” page be one click away no matter where a visitor is on the website.

#4 – Provide Some Added Value with Content

Visitors to your firm’s website also want to know that they dealing with a firm that, to put it bluntly “knows its stuff.”  You can do an immense amount of good if your firm shows off its wares by providing interesting, easy-to-understand, and helpful law-related content.  

Without going so far as to provide legal advice online, maintaining a blog that routinely has new content that includes keywords that users will likely search is vital.  Virtually all of your visitors are looking for some legal information. Use that demand to have blogs and articles that give some basic legal background on issues relevant to your firm’s area of practice, and show that your firm is sophisticated, trustworthy, and knows the law well.  

#5 – Testimonials and Reviews

It is the nature of the world we live in today that most services are rated in a “yelp”-type review online.  Also, potential clients will want to be encouraged that your firm provides good service. To establish that, be sure to have client testimonials and access to reviews on your site.  

#6 – Attorney Photos & Bios

While some firms use attorney photos more than others in their websites, you should at least have a way in which users can view the attorneys at the firm.  Photos help allow a user to become more comfortable with a firm because they can see and learn a little about the attorneys who make up the firm. So, be sure to have an “about us” -type page.

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