Want More Traffic to Your Law Firm Website? Here’s How

The brilliant Oscar Wilde once said that “the only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about.” It seems that Oscar Wilde might as well have been talking about life and marketing today. When it comes to marketing your law firm, like any business, listen to Oscar Wilde. You want to be “talked about.”  

Now, in this digital age, there is a different kind of “being talked about.” Rather than word of mouth or newspaper clippings, the digital version of being on top of mind is for people to come across your website. So, if you want to get more leads, get more conversions, get more clients, and ultimately make more money, you need to bring traffic to your website.

Having a website is not enough for law firms nowadays. In this article we will cover some great tips on how you can bring more traffic to your law firm website. The great thing about these tips is that you can employ them right now.     

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“Being Talked About” Tip #1 – Optimize for SEO

The phrase “search engine optimization” can sound daunting, but it is just a way to have Google find your website more easily.  And, one quick and dirty way to optimize your website for SEO is by making sure that your location, i.e., your city and state, are prominent through your website. 

Specifically, say that you are a law firm in Florida. Then, to optimize for SEO, be sure that your website has “West Palm Beach, Florida” at the top of your website. 

Also, you should make sure that your location, “West Palm Beach, Florida” is in big letters somewhere on your home page. It does not need to be out of place, you can just be sure that your home page web design is able to still look classy while making sure your SEO is taken care of.

Finally, make sure that “West Palm Beach, Florida” is also on the footer of every page. It sounds like a lot of repetition, but it will definitely help you get noticed by those potential clients running searches nearby to where your firm is.  

“Being Talked About” Tip #2 – Google My Business

It used to be called Google Maps, and then Google Places, and now it is called Google My Business. But, it is something you need to know about.  

Right now, if someone runs a Google search for “personal injury law firm in West Palm Beach, Florida,” they will most likely see three things on the first search results page.  

1. They will see those firms that use Google Ads, which are sponsored listings.
2. They then get organic search results for those big personal injury firms that spend a ton of money to get a high ranking. It is a challenge to compete with them.
3. They will see local results from Google My Business. That is how you can get on that first page for free, in just a few months.

So, go to Google My Business and create a free listing of your law firm. That would include name, address, and other basic information. Google will then send you a text message or a postcard in the mail to verify that your firm is legitimate. Then, within three to six months, you will be on the first page of a Google search result for firms in your area.

To add to your Google My Business listing, try to get clients to provide you with honest, favorable reviews. The more reviews the better. With those reviews you get star ratings, which helps bring in more traffic to your website.

“Being Talked About” Tip #3 – Directories

If you do a search of “personal injury law firm in West Palm Beach, Florida” you may find that directories – like Avvo or YellowPages.com – come up at the top of the rankings. So, take advantage of that placement by creating a free profile in those directories.  

Once you have done that, the trick is to get reviews. Users tend to love reviews, so the more you have, the higher you will be ranked in the directory. Then, if you pay for a premium membership in the directory, you will be prominent any time that directory is viewed.  

“Being Talked About” Tip #4 – Write Blogs

Writing blogs on a regular basis – once a month, once a week – is important. Potential clients want to see that you have expertise in your specialty. Writing blogs does that. And, if you are sure to include your location, like having a blog title that is “3 Questions You Should Ask Your Attorney,” do not forget to put your location (“. . . In West Palm Beach, Florida”) in the title, then you will be high up on those rankings for those users in your area.  

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