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Three Benefits and Three Approaches to Video Marketing for Your Firm

Video marketing is the best-kept secret in the law firm’s marketing world. There are so many advantages to it that it is surprising more lawyers don’t do it. Mind you, a lot of law firms are jumping on the bandwagon by putting videos up on their firm websites, but it is still one of the tools firms use the least in their digital marketing.

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What Are the Benefits to Video Marketing?

Frankly, video marketing for law firms can be broken down into three benefits: simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and authenticity.

1. Simplicity

The great benefit of our digital, everyone-is-on-a-screen, world is that the expectations for content are not that high. There are so many levels of video quality, users online do not expect all the bells and whistles of a professional video experience. In fact, most attorneys simply set up their smartphones, and take a video of themselves talking about a legal topic.

Thus, creating a video is simple. All you need is your smartphone, and you can talk about a topic (of which you are already well versed) for a minute or two. That’s it.

2. Cost Effectiveness

While you can be fancy and get a professional video company to create a marketing video with multiple angles, fades, and graphics, just making a video with your smartphone works just as well. The key is to have the audience get to know you a little, and that is easily established by talking to your audience. Of course, you want to try your best to have things like adequate lighting, and that you are in the center of the frame, but otherwise, you do not need to spend a lot of time or money.

3. Authenticity

Really, nothing is more authentic than being yourself, while telling your audience about a legal subject in your specialty. Humans read cues and learn volumes about someone by just being in their company for a few minutes. That is what your marketing video will achieve. If you a just telling your audience about a subject, your authenticity will come through. In fact, an over-produced video might end up giving you a “slick” quality that may be perceived as less authentic.

What are the Three Approaches to Video Marketing?

As a threshold matter, your firm’s website is 53 times more likely to be featured on the first page of a Google search if you include video on your firm’s website. So that is incentive enough to consider creating a video. Now, what kinds of videos do you want to have on your website?

There are three main types: Introduction, Answer Questions, and Client Testimonials.

1. Introduction Videos

The first type of video is a simple introduction that provides an overview of all of your services or provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your firm. These videos, unlike the videos mentioned above, tend to be more high-quality videos. That is because it is more of a commercial for your firm.

2. Answer Questions, or How-To Videos

These videos are the meat-and-potatoes of law firm marketing videos, and they can much more be in the vein of the speak-directly-to-the-camera type video discussed above. Be sure to keep these videos to around a minute long and focused on one particular subject.

3. Client Testimonials

Like the commercial-type Introduction videos mentioned earlier, a video with client testimonials will typically have higher production values. Of course, the gist of a client testimonial video is to have one or several satisfied clients speak in the video about the quality of your services.

In sum, all the above videos will have an impact on how people perceive your firm. Thus, you need to keep your firm’s branding in mind whenever you put out a video. But, overall, video is almost always the preferred content for users who are learning about a firm. Indeed, why spend 5-10 minutes reading a blog when you can watch a one-minute video? That is the power of video.

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