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Reputation management of a person, company, product, or service through the internet on all the digital platforms is called Online Reputation Management. Often it is referred to as ORM or e-reputation management. Usually, this reputation is built through the content circulated by the organization over the various online platforms and user interactions and reactions. Online Reputation Management is all about influencing and managing an individual’s or company’s online reputation.

Importance Of Online Reputation Management

Brand image majorly depends on what the people are saying about your business. Happy customers will have good things to say and build a positive vibe for your business. However, pleasing everyone is not possible, so those who are not satisfied will have negative things to say about your brand. These good and bad reviews together build or mar your reputation. This reputation plays a crucial role in acquiring new customers and increasing ROI. Therefore, fixing and maintaining your online reputation is extremely important.

There are numerous ways in which we can help you build your online reputation. The important thing is that we understand local businesses better because we are local as well. As your neighborhood online reputation management services company, Oamii strives to send cheerful tidings your way. We don’t limit ourselves to covering and concealing unwanted results and comments. We strive to turn each negative mention into an opportunity for improvement. With our help, what you get is a reputation for a lifetime.

Oamii Providing Brand Reputation Management Services

Oamii provides the best Brand Reputation Management Service in North America. Achieving outstanding results for our clients in building their brand reputation is our strength. Leveraging a data-driven approach makes our strategies more robust and accurate. We apply our cross-sector experience along with advanced tactics as per the customer’s needs. Our arsenal is loaded with tools that will repair and maintain your brand image. Here are some things that we can do for you:

  • Manage reviews and work towards overturning the negative ones.
  • Use the press and social media to counter the effects of negative publicity.
  • Liaison with dissatisfied customers to reassess and rethink their opinion.
  • Spread a positive word about your product or service through the masses across the various online platforms.
  • Strategize SEO efforts and launch content to turn the tide of things in your favor.
  • Social participation in improvement initiatives to improve all-around reputation.
  • Monitor search engine results and social media activities concerning your brand.
  • Take action against fake profiles, unapproved reviews, and malicious comments.
  • Spread correct and valid information to counter all fake news and attempts to tarnish your business image.

Benefits Of Reputation Management

Oamii is an Online Reputation Management Services Company that helps all local businesses. Our online reputation management experts are well versed in all tactics needed to dissolve your PR nightmare. Our experts will develop an effective and efficient ORM strategy to give your brand and business an original image. The key benefits of our Reputation Management services are:

  • Let others see your business in a positive light to build confidence.
  • Bury all the negative things that are being said over the internet about your brand.
  • Reach out to one and all to build loyalty and faith.
  • Promote all things positive about your brand.
  • Strengthen your online standing with positive visibility online.
  • Lay a strong foundation over which you can build an image of a successful and caring business.
  • Protect your brand image from others to destroy it.

Our ORM Strategy

Oamii, a full-service digital marketing agency, follows a foolproof strategy for managing your online reputation.

  • Make Linguistically Significant Content – Our content writers begin by understanding your voice and grasping the image you strive to build for your brand. They create picture-perfect content based on your goals and ORM keywords. Establishing your brand as an industry magnate that can be blindly trusted is the ultimate goal.
  • Broadcast Across Influential Platforms – The created content is published or broadcasted across all influential online platforms. And once the content starts ranking, it’s easier to get people to talk about it and spread the word. We want you to show on the very top of the results of every major search engine.
  • Report, Evaluate, and Adapt – We send out monthly progress reports to let you know how our tactics are faring. Our ORM experts further evaluate these reports to modify and adapt our strategies to give optimum results.

Why Choose Oamii For Online Reputation Management

Choosing Oamii as your online reputation management partner is to your benefit. If you still want us to praise ourselves, who are we to deny this golden opportunity.

  • 100% Confidential Services – Everything you tell us about your business, whether good or bad, is kept entirely confidential. You can rest assured that all data is kept safe to ensure privacy and keep it far from prying eyes. Besides, we never, ever disclose who we work with without client consent. Maintaining trust is of the utmost importance to us.
  • Authentic Authors For Media Publications – The authors and journalists we use for online and media publications are authentic. You will never see any “Sponsored” tags with our reputation management efforts. We only believe in legitimate news outreach for improving your brand image.
  • No Unlawful Methods Employed – The methods employed by us to raise your brand reputation are all legal and legitimate. We don’t believe in bending the rules. We can deliver on everything that we promise without employing questionable practices. The results that you get will stand firm even during the most trying times.
  • Affordable – We have something unique to offer for all budgets. You needn’t have bags of money to utilize our services. And no matter your budget, we will still consider you our only client and work single-mindedly to help you achieve new heights of success.
  • Reputable – We have already helped many local businesses build a niche for themselves. Their online reputation is on the increase, and that too is in the right direction. Achieving client satisfaction every time has made us a reputable ORM company.

As a business owner, you work very hard to grow and build your brand. You invest a lot of time and effort into positively managing your branded search space. Even at your best, sometimes you’ll have unsatisfied clients. This is often due to unrealistic client expectations that weren’t properly managed from the start of a project. Unsatisfied clients can post negative comments online about your company that can significantly affect your company’s credibility and trust.

That’s where we step in. Oamii’s reputation management services can help your company strengthen your positive image and efficiently manage negative comments. We will meet with you to identify your company’s future goals and objectives. We will then conduct a detailed analysis of your online presence to know your strengths and weaknesses. Once we have a clear picture of the project at hand, we will develop a detailed strategy that focuses on your company’s strengths. Our strategy will also incorporate methods to eliminate negative comments or mitigate negative exposure to potential clients.

Negative Articles & Reviews

No business can afford bad press or negative reviews. If not efficiently managed, this can steer potential clients away from your company, deter talented workers from applying for your jobs, discourage investors from backing your company, and much more. Your bottom line will get affected, which is always bad for business. We can help you manage these issues before they hurt your company.

Libel & Slander Defamation

With the evolution of the internet, it’s easier for others to cause legal injury to your company. One way to do so is via untrue written libel or oral slander defamatory statements. The internet provides anonymity via several online channels such as social media, articles, blogs, reviews, etc. We can help you deal with these issues swiftly and effectively.

Court Records

In today’s fast-moving society, your potential clients will look online for quick information about your company. Regardless of the ruling, your company is associated with a court case that is often not the best for your business. A single bad record can ignite negative news articles, press releases, social media posts, and much more. Our team can help you stop and repair damage caused by such information.

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