Proven Methods To Get Clients As A Solo Attorney

Marketing is marketing regardless of the product or service being sold, right?  Not really. Legal services are different.

In fact, when it comes to marketing for a law firm – particularly a solo or small law firm – the strategy has to be quite different than for most other products or services out there.  Why is that? Is there something inherently wrong with the business of law? Are legal services somehow unmarketable using the usual strategies?

The answer to those questions centers on the fact that unlike other products and services, people normally do not want to hire a lawyer.  Rather, they are in circumstances where they, most times, must hire a lawyer. If you get arrested for a DUI, or you are getting a divorce, then most people see getting a lawyer as a necessary (and probably unhappily expensive) part of the process. 

That is not to say that the practice of law is inherently negative, or that people perceive lawyers negatively (although the “lawyer joke” is still a pretty popular type of humor).  The perception of legal services, however, is different from the perception of other products and services. People want to buy a new car, and people want to watch the content on HBO.  Those are products and services are not necessary, but desired.  

By contrast, legal services are necessary to solve problems.  People do not necessarily want a lawyer, but they need a problem solved.  

With that in mind, you as a solo or small firm attorney must remember that you are in the business of solving problems for people, and your marketing can be tailored to speak to that need.  

In this article we will focus our discussion on solo attorneys and how to get clients.  There are a number of sure-fire ways to approach the marketplace in order to be the one to solve people’s problems.  

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Method #1Focus on Your Client’s Problem

All too many lawyers lead with their own experience, their background, their courtroom successes, and their own resume.  That is not the mindset you want if you are a solo attorney looking to how to get clients.

The mindset you want to be an effective marketer of your legal talent is to focus on the client’s problem in your marketing.   Why is that? Because a client who needs legal services is less concerned with you and really only cares about his own legal problem.  Accordingly, your marketing should reflect that.

For example, if you have a website or click-ad that says something like “I’m attorney _ and I have been practicing law for _years, and I handle the following areas of law . . .” you will lose your audience.   However, if your approach is “I can help you with your divorce case, just call . . .” then you are making the right shift by focusing on what your potential client is looking for.  

Method #2 – Use Each Client Problem as a Lead Multiplier

Moving right off of Method #1 above, once you know that you are a problem solver, you can multiply the number of avenues to getting leads for clients by focusing on the types of problems you solve.  

For example, if you are a family lawyer, then you should take the time to think of all of the types of problems you solve.  You help with divorces, you help with child custody disputes, you help with adoption matters, and you help with child support payments.  

Accordingly, you do not simply specialize in family law.  You are someone who can solve multiple problems. As a consequence, you can reach out to multiple types of potential clients who have real problems that need solving.  Just taking the list of types of family law issues you handle, you now have 4 separate marketing angles – focused on the client’s problem – rather than just stating that you are a “family lawyer” and leaving it at that.

Method #3 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Of all the strategies for solo attorneys asking how to get clients, SEO and PPC advertising has been proven to be one of the most effective.  It might be worth your while to work with a professional SEO/PPC digital marketing firm (like Oamii) to grow your business.  

While you can do it yourself, there is a bit of a learning curve that makes it prohibitive if you need to keep your docket of legal work moving forward.  For best results, getting a boutique marketing firm (again, like Oamii) will ensure that your budget is valued and your business is a priority.  

PPC will generate immediate leads and calls.  SEO, on the other hand, will take longer to get returns, but those returns are worth the wait because they pay off over time.  In that regard, with Oamii, we do not promise top rankings in a short time.  We go for a deeper longer commitment to your ongoing business for the long term.

Method #4 – Client Referrals

Referrals from existing clients are always a great way to get new clients in the door for solo attorneys.  In fact, for most solo attorneys, about half of their current book of business can be attributed to repeat and referral business.  Accordingly, providing great representation at a reasonable price will always be a solid way to get clients to refer you to their friends.  

That referral process can be enhanced if you take a little extra effort to send a periodic newsletter to clients on your contact list.  


These are only four methods of many that you can employ as a solo attorney looking to learn how to get clients.  To learn more about how Oamii can help your law firm thrive, please fill out our online contact form, or call us at 561-228-4111 today.