Podcasting for Law Firms with Oamii

Video Transcription

One of the trendiest ways for law firms to attract new intake is through podcasting.  But before hitting record…. consider these tips.  Authenticity is important, be engaging and casual, but not Unprofessional. Your firm will get better results if you present the podcast as an interview, rather than a one-person lecture.   Remember, it’s the message that’s important. When it comes to gear, you don’t need the latest and greatest and lastly, once the podcast is produced, host it on a firm practice area page on your website as opposed to a podcast page.  Podcasting is great but it should not be your firms only marketing tool so be careful not to overuse it.  If the notion of podcasting is new to you, don’t worry, Oamii,(Ah-me) South Florida’s top digital marketing agency for law firms, can help you with all phases of the podcast process.