Law Firm MarketingIgniting Your Path To Success With Specialized Law Firm Marketing Strategies

Think About It…

When someone requires legal services, they no longer turn to the phonebook. Instead, they get online. The web is a very diverse and dynamic world where businesses boom or go bust. It’s all a game of how well you market your company and the quality of your products or services. As it happens, digital marketing is more successful in attracting new business as compared to traditional marketing techniques. Hence, if you have still not thought about modernizing the marketing technique for your law firm, you need to innovate now to maintain your edge.

Need For Attorney Marketing Or Lawyer Marketing

By attorney marketing and lawyer marketing, we mean law firm marketing. It does not mean you are not selling your attorneys or lawyers to the highest bidder. Instead, you are selling the services of your company to your current and prospective clients. 

You need a successful digital marketing strategy if you wish your law firm to:

  • Rank high for the chosen keywords,
  • Receive high-quality traffic, 
  • Expand your client base
  • Increase profits.

Digital marketing is all about devising and executing strategies and techniques to help your legal business grow and make a formidable impact on the world wide web. The next time when people go online searching for a probable candidate to become their legal counsel, yours should be the name that grabs their attention. But coming on top is not as simple as it sounds. It involves a lot of hard work, determination, and strategizing.

Allow Oamii to smoothen the way for you. We do all your hard work, and you concentrate on doing what you do the best, which is providing legal aid.

Outsourcing Digital Marketing – The Best Call You Can Make

There is no need to have a dedicated in-house marketing department for your legal firm. Why spend more of your hard-earned money on hiring additional staff and equipment when you can outsource it? In fact, outsourcing digital marketing is more up the alley these days as:

  • Your area of expertise is the law and not marketing, so you wouldn’t know what to look for while hiring.
  • It brings in economies of cost as there is no need to maintain additional staff, equipment, or office space.
  • When you outsource marketing, it is not your headache to keep up the marketing team’s skill level with all that is new and changing.

Most companies, big and small, are now outsourcing their marketing needs to avail the above benefits. In fact, it is now considered the norm to outsource that which is not your area of expertise. This way, one does not fumble around wasting time trying to achieve a goal of which they don’t know the path.

Oamii knows digital marketing. It is our business, and we excel in it. If you need our experience and expertise, don’t think twice.

Legal Marketing Strategy For The 21st Century

It is not possible to pull success out of thin air. Knowledge, hard work, experience, and expertise are the keys. Therefore, don’t expect immediate results. You have to give it time. And once the ball starts rolling, all things will gradually start falling into place. Your law firm will start shining. The business will increase, reputation and goodwill will also show positive growth. It is important to start on the right foot and in a sequential manner. The more organized you are, the better success you shall achieve in making your law firm a household name.

How We Can Help

1. Build A Brand – Printing letterheads and stationery, distributing calling cards, and winning business awards is just a small part of branding. The core of branding is to build an image with which you want the people to recognize your law firm. We begin with the most fundamental thing that makes your business unique and builds over it.

The first step is to figure out your USP or the Unique Selling Price.  For example, you might excel in intellectual property law, but what’s unique about you is that you really care for the client where others are ruled by the monetary business they rake in. Hence, your USP is a CARING Intellectual Property Law Firm. This is how we will help you build your image.

The next step is to tell the people why they should choose you over others. In short, how working with you will add value. Essentially, the idea is to convey what you do better than the others in the same business. It could be your experience, success rate, or the aggressive stand in ensuring that all promises are fulfilled without any exception.

2. Display Your Integrity And Authority – Your law firm needs to have a passive as well as an active marketing strategy. Both go hand in hand and should complement each other. Passive marketing is building your firm’s website to show that you understand the business inside out. It does not mean throwing in complicated legal terms. Instead, remember, your prospective clients are regular people who will only get confused by them, and it may put them off completely. Your website should be able to:

  • Command the prospect’s attention.
  • Convey the services you provide in simple and easy-to-understand layman terms. 

We help you revamp your business website and make it look like an extension of your law firm and brand. It builds your business’s credibility, integrity, and trustworthiness.

Next, we play to your strengths to let the visitors know that you are an authority in the field. We draw attention to how your team has continuously risen to the occasion and won even the most complex cases. The website will not look vintage; rather, new, exciting, and enriching. Its content will be clear, concise, and in sync with your services. The whole point is to show that your law firm is a leading player that can handle their business successfully. 

Let’s pave the way for a better future together.

3. Improve Visibility – If you want the clicks, you need to be on the first page of every search engine. Improving visibility is a critical part of our digital marketing strategy. It involves continuous and hardcore SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Our SEO techniques help you reach the top position and maintain it. We ensure that you:

  • Rank high for the right choice of keywords.
  • Have professionally written titles and descriptions.
  • Have optimized images, and deliver a smooth and fast user interface.

Our experts at Oamii are committed to not just drawing the relevant traffic to your company website but also to wow the user once they are there. The more interested they are in your website, the more likely they are to book your services. And for that, we ensure that your website is fast, attractive, and mobile-friendly.

Since law firms tend to operate more in the local area, our special emphasis is on local SEO. Making your business known locally will make it a household name. Optimizing Google My Business Accounts will hasten your success story.

4. AdWords Campaign – Have you ever paid attention to the ads you see on top or side of the search engine results page? That is where a Google AdWords campaign can land you. There are print ads on television and video ads in newspapers and magazines, but over the internet, you have ads leading to your website. A well-thought-out and executed Google AdWords campaign will draw large volumes of qualified traffic to your law firm’s website and translate into paying clients.

If so far the AdWords campaign has been a disappointment, don’t be put off. The marketing experts from Omaii will help turn the tide of things in your favor by:

  • Helping you choose the right set of long-tail keywords.
  • Managing your campaign from beginning to end and tweaking it continuously to get desired results.
  • Optimizing the AdWords campaign to become a tool that continuously attracts prospects and clients alike.
  • Creating customized remarketing and retargeting ad campaigns to keep the audience updated and interested.

Let’s make every penny count.

5. Optimize Landing Pages – There is a big difference between getting traffic and getting traffic that converts. If you wish to make every penny count, your need is website traffic that converts into paying clients. This is where the marketing experts at Oamii come to your assistance. We ensure that:

  • Each keyword leads to the right landing page.
  • Each landing page is optimized for fixed action-related keywords like “Legal advice for child custody in Michigan” and “Divorce laws in Kentucky,” etc.
  • Every landing page will be unique to the services you provide.

This optimization of landing pages will fast-track your growth and help you reach greater heights by attracting new paying clients and retaining the existing ones.

6. More Presence In Legal Directories – It might come as a surprise to you, but there are multiple directories for businesses online. There is an online directory for every profession, and many people refer to them when they need professional help. Therefore, you need to let your law firm’s presence be known in all the legal directories. The experts at Oamii can help you increase your presence here. We ensure that all possible bases of attracting new clients are covered and given due importance.

Online directories like FindLaw and Avvo can give a significant boost to the traffic coming your way. With a citation and hyperlink, your website becomes easy to reach. Some of these directories are free, and others charge a small fee for the listing.

7. Mobile-First Marketing Strategy – If your website fails to operate on par on mobile devices, you are in trouble. A majority of your current and future clients use mobiles and tablets. Hence, you cannot afford to ignore them entirely. If you can’t reach out to them, it’s a massive opportunity lost. The very fact that Google has a mobile-first index should tell you how important it is to have a mobile-friendly website.

We at Oamii know that website designing and development is not your forte, yet it is a necessity that you must fulfill. It is precisely for this reason that our UX and UI experts will take matters into their own hands and make your life simpler. Here’s what we will help you achieve:

  • An attractive, mobile-friendly website with superior design.
  • Fast loading times.
  • Seamless user interface.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMPs for speed.

There’s no need to wait any longer. Let’s become partners in your success.

8. Creating High-Quality Backlinks – Relevant and related sites that link back to your website raise your website’s DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority). These are important metrics in calculating how well your website ranks amongst all others. The higher it is placed, the better it is.

Oamii’s marketing specialists will assist you in raising the DA and PA of your company’s website using purely White Hat techniques. In this manner, what you get are not temporary results but long-lasting ones. We believe only in hard work, and taking shortcuts is not our cup of tea. Therefore, we don’t try to link your website with every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Instead, we concentrate our efforts on securing backlinks only from authority media sites.

9. Leveraging Social Media Marketing – Your current and future clients are all on one or the other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These are all platforms that your firm needs to target to increase the client base. Truth be told, these social media sites also serve as a source of gathering feedback and reviews. As such, you need to be present in the midst of things to make the most of any and every opportunity.

Yes, we understand that your work is very time-consuming, and you don’t have the time to sit and talk to people on these social media sites. This is where we come in.

  • We create your law firm’s social media profile.
  • We post answers to queries.
  • We post responses or comments on topics of interest for your line of business.
  • Gather feedback.
  • Engage the audience.

Our aim here is to ensure that your law firm is always in the limelight, and that too for all the right reasons. It makes your business well known, improves its reputation, and makes it almost impossible for people to forget about you. The next time they need legal advice, yours is the first name that pops in their head.

10. Configuring A Custom CRM Solution – Every week, you spend hours trying to keep track of clients who have shown interest in working with you, preparing sales pitches, and tracking sales leads. All this time adds zilch to your revenue. It could have been spent in a courtroom negotiating or fighting to bring justice to your client.

What you need is a law firm CRM solution that is tailor-made to suit your requirements. It should be able to:

  • Nurture leads and conversion process automatically.
  • Make client sign-up and referral management simple.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your software for case management.
  • Monitor all modes of communication like phone call tracking, email marketing, and text messaging.

Oamii’s law firm marketing experts can help you find the best, customized solution. Allow us to make your life easy.

Why Your Firm Needs Top Legal Marketing Agency

The dictate of times is such that you can no longer afford to put law firm marketing aside. If you do that, it will be to your own peril. Using digital marketing allows you to bring in more business without having to leave your chair. The main reasons why you need to embrace modern digital marketing are:

  • Your Prospective Clients Are Online – The type of clients that you are looking for are online. Hence, it would help if you reached out to them on the same level. Sending out paper pamphlets will not have the same effect as approaching and enticing them through online marketing. If you have no online presence and a client is looking for somebody just like your law firm to represent them, they will most likely go to your competition as your online presence is almost nil. Obviously, you would not want that to happen.
  • Your Competition Is Also Online – Do keep in mind, your competition is doing better because they are already online. On top of that, they are also investing in digital marketing. If you, too, want to come out on top, you will have to do better than them. Doing better does not mean throwing money left, right, and center. Instead, partner with a trustworthy and experienced digital marketing firm like Oamii, and the rest will all be taken care of. Next time somebody visits the web looking for services like yours, your law firm will be hard to ignore.
  • You Can Establish Yourself As An Expert – Two important values for every company in the legal industry are trust and legitimacy. With a quality website that responds amazingly and ranks high, you can achieve both of these targets. When combined with online marketing, it makes you a force to reckon with.

We Are Certified Experts Just Like You

We are not a run-of-the-mill digital marketing agency. However, it’s good to be wry as many have cropped up like weed everywhere. We are the best law firm digital marketing agency that has opened millions of possibilities for big and small law firms alike. We have achieved success not just with well-established companies but also start-ups. Our brilliant team comprises experts who are certified in all aspects of digital marketing like Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Mobile Site, and HubSpot, just to name a few. 

Working with us is a guarantee that your law firm will indeed achieve the heights that you dream of. Your vision is our guiding force, and our experience and expertise are the tools that will help you reach the apex.

Let’s step up the game and exploit all opportunities to grow. Together we can, and together we will, for in your growth lies ours as well. 



I am very happy with AJ and his team, they have increased my google relevancy as promised. Great knowledgeable service!


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Our firm has had the pleasure of working with Oamii Digital Marketing Agency to develop our company website. AJ and his team are very professional, knowledgeable and provide excellent client-oriented service. We have continued to work with Oamii to manage our digital marketing channels. Oamii has delivered on organic results that have led to significant growth in our company’s online presence. They are responsive, timely and willing to go above and beyond for their clients. We highly recommend them for all digital marketing services.


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If you need a web designer look no further, this is the team to hire. We have been looking to have our website re-designed for years but, finding the right website designer was not a simple task. When we met with AJ we felt like we were dealing with a team of true professionals and honest people. He listened to everything we requested with great detail and within a week, he provided us with a draft of the new website. The new design was spot on! AJ walked us through the process and explained everything with clarity to ensure timely completion of the project. He stayed in touch and provided a progress update throughout and was very nice and professional the entire time. I must mention that he went above and beyond trying to help us change the host and registrar. Plus, he set up a cPanel from scratch, as we did not have it, which was not part of the original plan. Oamii Digital Marketing Agency delivered a state of the art website that is exactly what we wanted and more. AJ is a fine person with a huge heart, and a very talented individual that really knows his stuff. We love our new website and honestly, we would not ask for better. Thank you AJ for all!


Ricky S.


We've had the pleasure of working with A.J and his team at Oamii for the redesign of our Aztil Air-Conditioning website. We found them very professional and willing to work with us to make our vision come true. We've now continued with them to manage our different digital marketing initiatives. They provide a quality boutique service so we feel comfortable them to any potential clients.


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I had an excellent experience with AJ and his team. The product is very professional and they did it all within the short timeline we needed!


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Quality work at affordable prices.


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Our company is APF Florida, we provide a complete array of customizable cast stone and foam products. Oamii redesigned two of our websites and migrated them to the WordPress platform. We found AJ and his team to be very knowledgeable and friendly. We would definitely recommend them to others.


Teri J.


AJ and Team Oamii are knowledgeable, very client-focused, and competitively priced with their services. The results they have generated for my law firm's internet presence after just six months have been outstanding. Highly recommend!


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The team at Oamii supported us with the redesign & launch of our new law firm website. They were professional, knowledgeable, friendly and responsive to our questions and ideas. We would recommend them to others needing website design or assistance.


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Oamii supported us this year with different digital marketing services. Their pricing was competitive with good results. We enjoyed working with them and would recommend them to others.


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