Law Firm Email Marketing by Oamii

Video Transcription

Your customers sing the praises of your law firm, but how do you translate their message into more customers? The key is to generate more great reviews, and manage the Not so great ones when they happen. It might seem like a daunting task- but it’s not. Now there is a software solution that can improve your relationship with your clients, ignites great word of mouth, and helps your business market itself. Even better: it’s easy to implement easy to use. Oamii’s proactive automated process will capture feedback and generate good reviews. You just ask your customers for a review via email capture it, publish it to your site, and request they put in a good word for you on one of the online review sites. You’ll get a notice whenever a customer leaves feedback about your business. If their experience wasn’t great you’ll have a chance to make things right. And *that* increases customer loyalty.

Here’s more good news, the software is seamless to use no matter how many locations you have. Just complete the 3 steps setup process and oamii will supply you with all the tools you need including dashboards, email templates, and customization options. If you don’t have a point of sale system, we’ve got you covered with a turnkey email capture Mechanism. Your business is top-notch and your law firm’s marketing should be too.

This software was developed by the best and the brightest in silicon valley who have years of experience growing all sorts of businesses. If you want rave reviews. We can help you get them. So sign up now.