Hyperlocal Marketing by Oamii

Video Transcription

Lots of people use “near-me” searches as an easy way to find everything from retail stores to banks, but what about for law firms?  The answer is yes.  That’s why hyperlocal marketing is a tool every law firm should use.  Hyperlocal marketing allows your firm to target potential clients in a very specific, geographical location.  Think of it like someone searching “pizza restaurants near me,”  when they want a quick bite to eat.  With hyperlocal marketing,  you will be easily visible to those in the vicinity of your firm.  That means that your location, or locations, must be clearly stated on all of your online marketing material and content so that it can be easily found.  Oamii, the South Florida digital marketing agency helps law firms with hyperlocal and other forms of marketing so you can worry about what matters most.