Google Local Ads Service Company

For Law Firms, Financial Planners, and Real Estate Professionals There are two fundamental elements of your business’s digital footprint that can help your business skyrocket. Those are:

  • Your business appearing on the top of page one of Google search results.
  • Your business having a stamp of approval verifying the quality and integrity of the services you provide.

Well, Google has just introduced a new service that brings both elements to your business easily and at a low cost. The new service is called “Local Services Ads.” Specifically geared towards Attorneys, Financial Planners, and Real Estate professionals, Local Services Ads can get your business to the top of page one of Google search results, and with a “Google Screened badge,” indicating that your business has been vetted and can be trusted to provide quality services.

With the help of Oamii in your corner, you can take advantage of Local Services Ads right away. Further, Oamii will coordinate with Google to make sure that you can quickly receive your Google Screen badge to put your digital marketing into overdrive.

Local Services Ads – Be an Early Adopter


Real Estate Agents

Financial Planners

It will pay dividends to get involved with Google’s Local Services Ads sooner rather than later. After the success of a pilot program in select regions of the country, Google has now rolled out Local Services Ads nationwide for the following professionals:

As the popularity of the service grows, the competition will only increase. That is why it is good to “get in on the ground floor.” Before there is a rush on Local Services Ads, you can already be enjoying the advantages of the service and generating quality leads.

In a nutshell, Local Services Ads allow you to advertise your law firm, financial planning firm, or real estate business on Google and receive leads directly from potential clients. The leads can contact you directly through your Local Services Ad, and you can reply to the lead and continue to manage all of your leads all through the Local Services Ad application.

How Does Google’s Local Services Ads Work?

  1. Google Screened Badge. To participate in Local Services Ads, your law firm, financial planning firm, or real estate business must first pass Google’s screening process, so Google can verify that your business is qualified to earn a “Google Screened” badge.
  2. Top of Search Results Page. Potential clients searching for legal, financial planning, or real estate services in your area are shown three (two on mobile) verified listings of businesses, with a Google Screened badge, at the top of their Google search results page.
  3. Communicate Directly Through the Ad. For potential clients who have seen your Local Services Ad to contact your business, all they have to do is call the phone number in the Ad, which connects to your business.

What Do Local Services Ads Look Like?

The Local Services Ads appear as a strip of three ads (two on mobile) at the very top of a search results page when people search for the services you offer in the geographic areas you have chosen. The ads will be marked as “Google Screened,” which builds automatic trust in your business. Potential clients can click or tap on your ad to either call you or send a text message. The lead could even schedule an appointment directly with you through the ad.

How Much Do Local Services Ads Cost?

A background check of the owner of the firm

Confirmation of licenses

Proof of insurance

Businesses pay Google a flat-fee rate for phone call leads through Local Services Ads. The flat fee is, more specifically, on a pay-per-lead basis, meaning that you pay a set fee for every lead who calls or texts you. What about spam? To ensure that you only pay for quality leads, and not bogus spam activity, Google only charges for phone calls through the Local Services Ad that lasts for 30 seconds or longer. So, you pay only when you receive a legitimate phone contact.

What is the Screening Process to get a Google Screened Badge?

The background check involves identity and criminal history checks and, at the company level, includes a civil litigation history. Background checks remain strictly confidential between the business and Google’s background check person. With regard to license and insurance checks, businesses are asked to confirm that they hold applicable professional licenses and their certificate of insurance. The screening process is completely free for a business looking to obtain the Google Screened badge.

Can Your Business Have Multiple Local Services Ads Listings?

Yes. The Local Service Ads are tied to a firm’s Google My Business addresses. That means that your firm can have multiple Local Services Ads, one for each business address. Note that you cannot have a Google My Business listing for an “appointment only” address. Each business location must be staffed.

What Are the Benefits to Google’s Local Services Ads?

Getting a Google Screened badge and creating a Local Services Ad makes sense for your business. Your business is immediately visible on the top of page one to a vast number of potential clients looking for your services. The Google Screened badge inspires confidence that your business has already been reviewed and deemed a quality service provider. Finally, potential clients can communicate with your business, and set up a consultation, immediately through the Ad itself.

Immediate Trust for Potential Clients

With a Google Screened badge next to your Ad, your business has the automatic trust of potential clients who are searching for your services.

Only Pay for Quality Leads

You pay only for actual leads and opportunities – not for clicks (which are susceptible to unscrupulous competitors).

Target Your Marketing

You can utilize advanced settings so you can target a specific set of potential clients.


At Oamii, we dedicate ourselves to optimizing your digital marketing, so that business comes to you. We have the tools and the team to make sure that your brand, your webpage, your reputation, and your firm are always top-of-mind. Let us help you easily get the Google Screened badge and a Local Services Ad up and running today!