Get Your Firm Found Online

Video Transcription

If you’re running a law firm then you know marketing is a necessity.Getting your firm found online can be frustrating, requires constant work but if done correctly, can be rewarding. Google has many different factors it looks at to determine where your website will rank. Having the title tag of your content contain the relevant search keyword is an important factor. Your content will rank even better if the title tag starts with the keyword. Content-Length is important too.  Longer articles of 1000 words or more, get more favorable treatment in the algorithm than shorter, more superficial ones. Page Loading Speed matters along with images and video especially if you optimize those. But avoid Duplicate Content. If the content on one page of your website is duplicated elsewhere it hurts your chances of being ranked high in a search. Oamii (Ah-me) South Florida’s leading digital marketing agency knows the factors that go into Google rankings and can help your firm get found.