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How to Convert the People Visiting Your Website into Paying Clients?

We all know that “knowledge is power.”  When it comes to marketing your law firm website, knowing how website visitors are using your website gives you the power to convert more visitors into paying clients.

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5 Web Design Trends for Law Firms in the Coming Year

One great way to effectively market your law firm, or any product or service for that matter, is to “keep it fresh.” Indeed, there is a reason why we so often see the phrase “new and improved” connected to many products in the supermarket. There is a reason why Coke, way back in the 1980s, fussed with its flagship product by creating “New Coke.” There is a reason why we see different flavors of a well-known product on the supermarket shelves all the time.

8 Great Marketing Tips to Make the Most of Sheltering at Home

As you well know, networking lunches, industry conferences, and cocktail hours are gone for a while. Accordingly, the best option for your law firm marketing resources is to, of course, go online. In fact, the New York Times recently reported that online activity has surged lately, up by about 25%.

How Does a Functional Website Make for a Fantastic Website?

What is the functionality? Well, let us start with the root of that term. “Functional” means “relating to the way in which something works or operates.” In short, functionality in the context of your law firm’s website is all about making sure that your website operates smoothly, intuitively, and accurately.

What Do People Want from Your Law Firm’s Website?

We have all been interviewed for a job at one time or another in our lives.  What do we tend to focus on in those interviews? We focus on all the things we have done, and all of our past accomplishments.  Indeed, your resume is nothing but a list of the credentials of your past.  

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Website Design: The Importance of a Well Designed Website

Website Design: The Importance of a Well Designed Website

Many business owners in today’s marketplace are under the impression that web design should be an isolated part of your marketing efforts. While many business owners understand that from an aesthetic standpoint

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Your Law Firm Needs a Digital Marketing Strategy: Attorneys, Oamii Is Ready to Help Your Book of Business

Anyone familiar with the legal world knows that law is becoming more and more of a business.  Gone are the days of a small legal practice moving through the decades with a steady stream of cases while skirting the untidy waters of marketing, of managing a book of business, and of networking for clients.  Gone are the days of “just focusing on the law,” without having to worry too much about the bottom line.

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10 Ways Your Law Firm Can Get Leads: Tips On Building the Coveted “Book of Business”

“Do you have a book of business?”  That is the question you will hear most often if you want to move your legal career forward.  Whether you are hanging out your own shingle, looking to make partner, seeking to move to a new job, or even working hard to remain partner at your current law firm, a strong group of regular clients, or a “book of business,” is the secret sauce for success.

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Digital Marketing for Small & Medium Size Law Firms

Are you a small law firm struggling to make it in an ever-shifting legal landscape? Do you feel that your small firm is crunched in a catch-22 between increased costs and clients demanding more for less? If the answer to either question is a resounding “yes,” read on.

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Responsive Website Design

Our team at Oamii will design a modern responsive website for your company that’s focused on client conversions.

First, we will carefully review your completed design questionnaire to make sure all your requirements are meet within an agreed budget and timeline.