local SEO

What Are Google Map Citations & Why You Need Them?

As internet technology keeps evolving over the past two decades, it’s getting more accessible for consumers to find the best local business or service near them that will meet their requirements. Therefore, marketers need to incorporate Local SEO and Google Maps into their digital strategy to increase prospective customers’ chances to find them instantly. 

legal marketing

Top 4 Legal Marketing Secrets Every Law Firm Should Know

It feels like virtually all the law firms have listed themselves on Google My Business. There are plenty of options for the prospects to choose from, and they are often confused to finalize on a firm among a plethora of the firms.

law firm client testimonials

How To Get Creative With Law Firm Client Testimonials?

Customer testimonials are an essential part of growing your company’s presence. They can improve the conversion rate of visitors to clients on your company’s website. Testimonials add relevancy and trustworthiness to your company. It makes people more interested in your service.  

Google's local service ads

Ultimate Guide To Google’s Local service Ads For Lawyers

One of the essential aspects of running any business is brand awareness. As a lawyer, you work in one of the most innately competitive industries on the planet. There are possibly dozens of competing law firms and independent attorneys offering law services similar to your own in your local area. Seizing your local market takes an enormous amount of effort and research. 

Social Media

Social Media Do’s & Don’ts for Lawyers

Social media has made it easy to stay connected with not just your family and friends but also clients and customers. It is the place to be if you want to make a name for yourself. Earlier, in the name of online presence, companies would only have an email address.

law firm marketing

5 Tips To Market Your Law Firm in a Post-COVID World

Like many other brick & mortar businesses, it has become imperative for legal businesses as well to transform themselves digitally because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Many firms have adapted to work remotely and use video conferences to manage clients and cases.

Solo Law Practice

5 Essential Tips To Get You Start With Solo Law Practice

Starting a solo law firm may be the best decision you will ever make. Being in charge of your career and not being accountable to other people will increase your chances of success as an attorney. However, law schools only teach you

attract more clients to your law firm

8 Proven Ways to Attract More Clients to Your Law Firm

Remember “Better Call Saul?” How Saul Goodman was advertising himself on TV to get more clients and still could not land any. Yes, Walter White was an exception. But still, he ended up in the bakery after leaving the lawyer position.

law firm for effective marketing

How To Position Your Law Firm For Effective Marketing?

As a law firm, have you ever paid attention to your positioning? Probably quite a few of you must be thinking, “Positioning” what is that? You are trained to provide legal advice and represent your clients in court, and you do a damn good job of that.

Law Firm on LinkedIn

8 Best Practices for Your Law Firm on LinkedIn

2021 is the best time for Law firms to start growing their audience on LinkedIn. It has 722 million users and is the most trusted social network in the USA. It’s not the largest social network like Facebook, but it’s an audience worth noticing with a specific business focus.