Boost Your Website with Blogs with Oamii

Video Transcription

Blogs are a great way to bring personality to your law firm’s website. There are numerous benefits such as gaining new clients, getting more exposure, and being seen as a thought leader. To start, write about the area of law you specialize in, give answers to real client questions and talk about some of your successes.

1. But know the Dos and Don’ts:
2. Avoid legalese, remember your audience
3. Use short paragraphs and graphics.
4. Get to your point quickly. Don’t use 10 words when YOU ONLY NEED 1.

Blogging is beneficial to your website’s search engine optimization, but it can also be time-consuming. Trust the team at Oamii (Ah-mee) South Florida’s leading digital marketing agency to write good quality content that gets your firm found.