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Video Killed the Blogging Star: Using Video to Market Your Practice

Did you know that 75% of marketers say that using video on their websites has helped increase company sales? Did you know that over 80% of individuals bought a product or service after watching a video? In fact, over 75% of users have reported that if they enjoyed a branded video, they would share it with others.

A “How-To” Guide for PPC Newbies

Did you know that 64% of consumers click on Google ads when shopping online? While you might think that the little “Ad” box for those websites that appear at the top of the page in your Google search results might turn people away, more than half of consumers clearly disagree. That means that PPC advertising, which stands for Pay-per-click advertising, is worth considering as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Law Firm Marketing: Message and Audience

You didn’t go to law school to be a salesperson, right? Well, now you know in hindsight that is not quite true. To be successful in private practice, you need to market your law firm. You need to get the client to “yes.”  

Do You Have a Marketing Mindset?

When you are marketing anything – from your law firm practice to your new lemon-juicer-meat-tenderizer-in-one invention – you will face rejection. Lots of it.  

Has COVID-19 Ushered in Remote Legal Services for Good?

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, law firms were navigating a world of enhanced technology, increasing rent costs for office space, too much downtime during a long commute, a continued blending of work and home life, and a motivation to serve clients more efficiently. All of those factors accelerated the move towards remote legal services and the advent of the “virtual law firm.”

Is PPC Worthwhile During the COVID-19 Crisis?

They say that the COVID-19 virus does not discriminate as to which a person can be infected. The same is true with regard to the economic fallout from the virus. The COVID-19 virus does not discriminate as to what businesses will be impacted by the pandemic.

8 Great Marketing Tips to Make the Most of Sheltering at Home

As you well know, networking lunches, industry conferences, and cocktail hours are gone for a while. Accordingly, the best option for your law firm marketing resources is to, of course, go online. In fact, the New York Times recently reported that online activity has surged lately, up by about 25%.

The Question of Tone When Marketing Your Firm During COVID-19

It should be obvious to most if not everyone that this time of sheltering at home, of caring for sick loved ones, and of worrying for the country’s future is certainly not a time to aggressively market a business as if nothing has changed.  

The Nestled-In Networker

There is no sugar coating this coronavirus health crisis. The economy is taking an enormous hit, and it does not look like we will be able to really climb out of this downturn quickly. Rather, it will be more like a slower-than-desired reconstruction.

Can You Market Your Law Firm in the Time of Coronavirus?

The short answer to our title question is “yes,” and you should continue to market your law firm during this challenging time. The more nuanced question, however, is the manner in which you market your firm.