contextual targeting

‘Right Place, Right Time’ Marketing: Contextual Targeting and Its Promise for the Future of Digital Marketing

“How does it know?”  Have you found yourself asking that question when you are browsing on the web, and an advertisement appears that speaks directly to your interests?  It is becoming more and more common, and it is the result of a digital marketing trend called “Contextual Targeting.”


Personalization: The Next Frontier in Digital Marketing

With customers spending more and more time on digital platforms, creating a personalized experience is the way to capture someone’s attention


Conversational User Interface: A Way to Communicate with Customers that Digital Marketers Cannot Ignore

“Alexa, play some slow jazz . . .”

Sound familiar?  Amazon’s conversational user interface – the Amazon Echo – allows us to use a digital device, named “Alexa,” by simply speaking, and Alexa will respond by voice as long as we are within Alexa’s digital earshot.  It is an amazing tool that presages what the world is going to be like in the future, where we can simply take care of things through voice commands.

Professional Live Video

Oamii Has Its Finger on the Pulse of the Next Video Trend in Digital Marketing: Professional Live Video

As they say – “the number don’t lie.”  So, what do the numbers tell us about the power of video in a company’s digital marketing strategy?

customer journey optimization

Customer Journey Optimization – Oamii Strives To Provide Cutting Edge Digital Marketing Strategies

What does the customer want when he or she is navigating your website?  What is the customer’s end-goal?  How does the customer feel during the website visit?  Those are all incredibly important questions to answer in order to truly develop a website and digital marketing strategy that will optimize your conversion rate.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing: Next Big Thing or Digital Marketing Flash in the Pan?

Oamii is a Florida digital marketing company that is not only on top of the latest trends, but also can see the next trends coming on the horizon.  As a premier digital marketing agency in South Florida, Oamii makes sure to concern itself with what social media strategies will work best for its clients.

law firm leads

10 Ways Your Law Firm Can Get Leads: Tips On Building the Coveted “Book of Business”

“Do you have a book of business?”  That is the question you will hear most often if you want to move your legal career forward.  Whether you are hanging out your own shingle, looking to make partner, seeking to move to a new job, or even working hard to remain partner at your current law firm, a strong group of regular clients, or a “book of business,” is the secret sauce for success.

digital marketing for law firm

Digital Marketing for Small & Medium Size Law Firms

Are you a small law firm struggling to make it in an ever-shifting legal landscape? Do you feel that your small firm is crunched in a catch-22 between increased costs and clients demanding more for less? If the answer to either question is a resounding “yes,” read on.

website design

Responsive Website Design

Our team at Oamii will design a modern responsive website for your company that’s focused on client conversions.

First, we will carefully review your completed design questionnaire to make sure all your requirements are meet within an agreed budget and timeline.

Facebook marketing for businesses

Facebook Marketing For Businesses

When it comes to digital marketing there are countless strategies and tactics that can be used. PPC advertising, SEO, SEM, SMM, Email marketing, and the list goes on. Different strategies work better for certain businesses. But one thing that is undeniable, your business needs a social media presence.