video marketing

Three Benefits and Three Approaches to Video Marketing for Your Firm

Video marketing is the best-kept secret in the law firm’s marketing world. There are so many advantages to it that it is surprising more lawyers don’t do it. Mind you, a lot of law firms are jumping on the bandwagon by putting videos up on their firm websites, but it is still one of the tools firms use the least in their digital marketing.

Paid Search or SEO

Paid Search Marketing vs. SEO: Which to Choose?

It is no surprise that the first place most people look when they want a product, service, answer to a trivia question, or anything they are curious about, they turn to Google. Yes, Bing as a search engine is making some inroads in Google’s dominance.  But, let’s be honest, Google is where almost everyone goes.  That is Main Street, USA when it comes to marketing anything from lawnmowers to legal services.  

Reputation Management

You Have a Reputation to Protect: Law Firm Reputation Management 101

When you are looking for help from a professional, you normally ask for word-of-mouth referrals first, right? Of course, we all feel more comfortable with someone providing a service if we know that a friend whom we trust has already worked with, and has had a good experience with, the person. That is only natural.

Social Media Marketing

What is Your Social Media Marketing Plan?

Did you know that 96 percent of respondents to an Attorney at Work survey report that they use social media, 70 percent report that they use social media as part of their overall marketing strategy, and 84 percent say that they are on LinkedIn?

To Bing or Not to Bing? That is the Law Firm Marketing Question.

Do you use Bing to search for things on the internet, or, do you use Google as your go-to search engine? Most likely, you use Google. If that is true, then you are probably asking yourself – why would I even consider advertising my law firm on Bing?  

Marketing Your Law Practice: A Template You Can Get Started, Today

They don’t teach you about marketing your law practice in law school. If you started your law career at a big law firm, you probably didn’t learn about marketing your practice there either. You were probably so busy working on the partners’ clients, that you did not even realize how important it was to learn about marketing.

What About LinkedIn Marketing?

Attorney marketing in West Palm Beach and elsewhere is largely focused on the big-ticket digital marketing items: website, SEO, pay-per-click (PPC), and email marketing campaigns. There is, of course, some attention to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but there is not a whole lot of chatter about LinkedIn. That is probably all going to change – certainly for small to mid-sized law firms.  

Top 10 Trending PPC Strategies

Diversifying your law firm marketing is the best way to hedge your bets and capture the most leads. Yet, you want to be smart with your marketing budget. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 pay per click strategies that are trending today.  

Why It May Be More Difficult for Lawyers to Benefit from PPC

What makes a law firm successful? Clients. How do you get clients? You put the word out into the marketplace about the services you provide, you get leads, and hopefully convert some of those leads to paying clients so you can provide them with a service.

But How Much Will My Law Firm Marketing Cost?

A law firm is a business, no question about it. As a business, you need to get out in the market, generate leads for possible clients, and see if you can convert those leads into paying clients. Sounds easy, right?  Of course not. Like most things, effectively marketing your law firm is much “easier said than done.”