distinguishes your firm from the rest

What Distinguishes Your Firm from the Rest?

In a previous blog we talked about the “4 Great Ways for Your Law Firm to Rise Above the Pack.”  This blog will continue in that vein because there are more than just four ways to distinguish your firm from the competition.  Of course, you are always struggling as a law firm, and as a business, with that “constantly rising marketing floor.”

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How Do I Deal With Bad Google Reviews?

If you own your own business, you know that it is the worst feeling when someone leaves you a bad Google review.  It is often the case that you knew that the customer was a challenge during the project or when you were providing the service.  But, it still stings when you get that bad review.

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How Do I Get More Google Reviews?

Oamii is South Florida’s top digital marketing agency and, as such, we get a lot of requests for our expertise.  Of all the inquiries we get, the most common question we hear all the time is “how do I get more Google reviews?”

CLE for Marketing? Oamii Has the Answer

Continuing legal education. Just the sound of it is something that will likely make your eyes glaze over. Every lawyer has been there, and if you are still practicing, you are still there. We need to keep our CLE’s up or else we run afoul of our state bar association. It can be a challenge.

4 Great Ways for Your Law Firm to Rise Above the Pack

As a player in the law firm world, you are dealing with what can only be described as a constantly rising floor, particularly in terms of law firm marketing.  What that means is that as your competitors in the industry get wise to certain law firm marketing techniques

Fine Tune Your Firm’s Digital Marketing for the New Year

Welcome to 2019!  It is a New Year.  That means time to assess your law firm’s goals, make resolutions, and make a fresh start.  While you might have on your list of New Year’s resolutions things like losing weight, exercising more, and stopping to smell the roses, we’ll bet that one of your New Year’s resolutions is to increase your efforts to get more new clients in 2019.  If that is the case, then marketing, of course, is the place to start.

The Value of a Free Domain Audit Report for Law Firms

We all know that competition among law firms is stiff.  Anything that your firm can do to set itself apart from the competition is key to survival.  Over the last decade, it has become clear that an online presence has become as important, if not more important, than other forms of non-digital advertising.

Market Segmentation. What Is It and can It Help My Law Firm Marketing?

Law firms cannot avoid the need to engage in digital marketing.  According to a 2015 study, just a few years ago about 65% of all law firm websites were not optimized for mobile devices, 27% did not have the firm’s phone number on the home page, and – shockingly – about 40% of law firms did not even have a website.

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What’s the State-a Your Data? Leveraging Data to Market Your Law Firm Successfully

“I don’t do math, that’s why I went to law school.”  That joke has been around for a while, but it never seems to get old.  That’s partly because there’s so much truth to it.  People who are typically drawn to the practice of law are not big fans of working with numbers.  They like to work with people, they like to get passionate about causes, they like to see both sides of an argument, they like to do what it takes to effectively persuade people.

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Do You Want Your Law Firm Marketing to Move at Hyperspeed? Think Hyperlocal

Be honest. Have you recently done a “near me” search?  Just last night when you had that hankering for Chinese, did you do a quick Google search on your phone for “chinese restaurants near me?”  When you were out on that business trip and you needed to get your morning brew, did you do a quick “Starbucks near me” search? Did you ask Siri about “pizza near me” in the last week?