Acquire New Clients with Digital Marketing

Video Transcription

Are you a small law firm struggling to compete? Are you caught in a catch-22 between increased costs and clients wanting more for less? You’re not alone. The biggest challenge small firms face today is acquiring new clients. Marketing has evolved, after all the first thing people do is search the internet when they need legal help. That’s why being found on the web and having a well crafted digital marketing plan should be your primary focus. This includes email marketing to stay top of mind. Search engine optimization or SEO so you’re found when people search. Search engine marketing, or SEM, which increases your website’s visibility with both content-based information and paid advertising. Then, of course, there’s social media and affiliate marketing.
So how do you start? First, you need a website and if you have a website, make sure it’s up to date and optimized. You can do this yourself but why not trust the experienced team at the Oamii (Ah-me) digital marketing agency. Let them create a customized plan to get you more clicks, calls, and conversions.