reputation management plastic surgeon

Why Reputation Management For a Plastic Surgeon Is Important?

If you’re involved in the business of cosmetic procedures, reputation management for a plastic surgeon is one of the most important marketing practices you can do. When looking for a plastic surgeon, most people will scour deep online and scrutinize every review available.

email marketing companies miami

Email Marketing 101 – Shake Up Your Marketing Strategy

So, you were wondering how you could shake up your marketing approach and that led you to consider email marketing. Specifically, you ended up looking at some of the email marketing companies in Miami. Nonetheless, you still might not be convinced that this is the right avenue for your business.

callout extension

What Is An Example Of A Useful Callout Extension?

Google Callout extensions are an excellent way to emphasize your offers alongside your ads in Google search. Callout extensions will enable you to add more info under your ads to highlight your free shipping, offers, and deals! Callout extensions are similar to Google Ad ‘site links’. Unlike site link extensions, callout extensions aren’t clickable.