internet marketing

A 5-Step Guide to Video Marketing for Law Firms

Lights. Camera. Action. Online video has increasingly become one of the most planned marketing tactics year over year. According to a Hubspot marketing survey, in 2015, only 33 percent of video marketers reported that video gave them a positive return on investment (ROI). In 2021, that number is 87 percent.

Popular social media

Does Popular Social Media Work for Law Firms?

As a lawyer, your communication skills are excellent, but does that translate to the ever-changing world of social media? If you’re wondering if marketing on social media will work for your law firm, keep reading. We’ll discuss the benefits of social media for law firms and how to start using social media for business.

how to market a small law firm

How to Market a Small Law Firm: 5 Strategies to Try

If you have a small law firm, creating a marketing strategy that produces an efficient return on investment can be unnerving. You’ve got different challenges than your larger law firm counterparts. With a smaller budget, you have to make sure you get the most bang for your marketing buck. 

customer journey optimization

What Is Customer Journey Optimization For Law Firms?

We’ve talked a lot about the ideal customer/client journey on our blog, so we wanted to dedicate this post to explaining the marketing concept and why we write about it so much. When did marketing become so Homeric, right? Just like Odysseus, your target audience experiences an epic journey on the way to becoming your client.