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Why Law Firms Need to Invest in SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization has been a hot topic for the legal industry for over a decade now, and with good reason. According to the National Law Review, 96 percent of people research their legal issues online before hiring an attorney. This is why blogging about legal issues is a good idea– not only is it the content your prospective clients are looking for, it’s also a great way to increase your online visibility via search engine results ranking (SEO). 

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Current Law Firm Website Trends

In the fast-paced, always-live world of 2021, your website is essential. In fact, it should be akin to your best, most loyal, always-on-brand, 24/7 employee. It’s an advocate for you and your law firm and an always-accessible hub of information for your current and prospective clients.

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How Can Law Firms Capitalize on PPC Ads?

You’ve heard about the mysterious world of online ads. You’ve seen your competitors do it, you’ve heard the experts talk about it and you’ve no doubt heard about the success that can come with a well-executed PPC campaign. You obviously want that success, but there are challenges that come with launching online ads in the legal space. Legal keywords are pricey, the competition is steep and even when you spend all of that money on the “right” keywords, it may not bring you, qualified prospective clients.

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Four Reasons Why You Should Enhance Your Firm’s Website with Live Chat

Do I have the manpower to have someone available to chat online? Is the chatbox going to be too intrusive for website visitors? Will I get any real client leads from Live Chat on the firm’s site?

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Search Engine Optimization, and What It Can Do for Your Law Firm

The primary component that you need to make sure that your law firm’s site can be found by potential clients running a search on Google or another search engine is SEO – Search Engine Optimization.