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Toning Up Your Blog: 3 Tips on Tone in Your Law Firm Blogs

Context is everything. There are times when the same comment, or joke, or story in one setting has no business being said in another. We all know that we watch how we say things in the office, yet we know that we can be more informal with best friends. The same principles about context matter in all of our writing. 

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So, What Is the Next Big Thing in Digital Marketing?

“A picture is worth a thousand words . . . and a moving picture with words is worth thousands more.” That second half is really not part of the famous quote (we don’t think) but, you never know, it could catch on.  And the reason it may just catch on is that it has the benefit of being true.

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What Are the Marketing Terms You Need to Care About?

“I need to revert back to see if we can synergize those two silos, and then we can try to find some value add.” Have you heard that type of business jargon before? It’s okay, all of us have. As lawyers, we know that there are many terms of art that matter to the practice of law, and we know that there are other types of corporate-speak or business jargon that are really not very helpful and may serve to confuse more than clarify. 

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Law Firm Marketing Best Practices

The idea of keeping up with marketing your law firm can be daunting. Before digital marketing, law firm marketing was all about the offline network. But, a Rolodex is a thing of the past, and now law firms that want to keep pace must be sure to have a digital marketing presence as well as those traditional golf games. In this article, we will discuss the four major best practices that you need to keep in mind when looking to market your law firm online.