5 ways to market your law firm at pandemic

5 Ways to Market Your Law Firm In this Latest Phase of the Pandemic

It is not surprising to recognize that the nature and tone of law firm marketing was far different before the coronavirus pandemic hit. Then, in the early stages of the pandemic, the country was more-or-less in triage mode, just trying to keep its footing and survive with the economy in free fall.

screened google

HOT Tip: Be One of the First to Market Your Law Firm with Google Local Services Ads

This is big news! Google has just released its Local Services Ads to attorneys nationwide.

video marketing

Three Benefits and Three Approaches to Video Marketing for Your Firm

Video marketing is the best-kept secret in the law firm’s marketing world. There are so many advantages to it that it is surprising more lawyers don’t do it. Mind you, a lot of law firms are jumping on the bandwagon by putting videos up on their firm websites, but it is still one of the tools firms use the least in their digital marketing.

Paid Search or SEO

Paid Search Marketing vs. SEO: Which to Choose?

It is no surprise that the first place most people look when they want a product, service, answer to a trivia question, or anything they are curious about, they turn to Google. Yes, Bing as a search engine is making some inroads in Google’s dominance.  But, let’s be honest, Google is where almost everyone goes.  That is Main Street, USA when it comes to marketing anything from lawnmowers to legal services.