Now is the Time to Update Your Law Firm Website

There is no question that we are in very uncertain times. Like most of the world, you are probably right now only going to the office infrequently or, worse yet, you might have to stay at home and work remotely altogether. We hope that this challenging time will be over soon, and our economy and our lives will get back up to normal speed again soon. The one silver lining? You may be able to tune up your marketing.  

Is It True That Everything Old Is New Again in Law Firm Marketing?

We have all heard the phrase “everything old is new again.” Look at various industries and you can see how that can be true. Fashion, for example, seems to have a bit of a circular energy to it. The clothing that is cool today will be out of style tomorrow. But, wait a few years, because those skinny jeans might just come back into style. Music, as another example, seems to be a creative medium of constant innovation, yet the music of the 1980s – four decades ago – seems to have some remarkable staying power and samples of 80s music finds its way into the music of today.

How Does a Functional Website Make for a Fantastic Website?

What is the functionality? Well, let us start with the root of that term. “Functional” means “relating to the way in which something works or operates.” In short, functionality in the context of your law firm’s website is all about making sure that your website operates smoothly, intuitively, and accurately.

What are the Latest Changes to Law Firm Marketing in 2020?

Marketing your law firm is a marathon, not a sprint. When marketing, you are playing the long game. You need to ramp up your brand, ramp up your client reach, and ramp up your name recognition. So, it is important to recharge from time to time and consider that your marketing efforts need to be focused on a particular goal, and they also need to be sustained for a period of time to see if the particular marketing approach is effective and is getting traction. So, try not to become too stressed over lack of results in the short term. 

Personal or Professional: How Should I Format My Firm’s Marketing Emails?

Sometimes it’s better to do it the old-fashioned way. There are many, many new digital marketing tricks out there. It’s a full-time job just keeping track of all various ways in which you can reach potential clients these days. Yet, there is a real benefit sometimes to just using a tried and true method for reaching out, one that’s been used for years – email marketing.