7 Things to Know About PPC Marketing for Law Firms

There are somethings that are constantly in tension. You are inundated with legal work, yet at the same time you need to find time to market your legal practice. You know that you need to give your current clients 100% of your attention; yet, you also know that if you don’t focus on marketing, you might soon not have any legal clients that need your attention.  

Want More Traffic to Your Law Firm Website? Here’s How

The brilliant Oscar Wilde once said that “the only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about.” It seems that Oscar Wilde might as well have been talking about life and marketing today. When it comes to marketing your law firm, like any business, listen to Oscar Wilde. You want to be “talked about.”  

The Two Mistakes on Your Firm’s Website That You Can Easily Fix Today

Your law firm website is your storefront to the world. But ask yourself, which business does better: the one that is tucked away somewhere on a side street that gets virtually no traffic, or the one that is prominent on the corner of Main and Broad street in the center of town?  

Here Are Three Great Ways to Turn Website Visitors Into Leads

It is the new year – the new decade even – and you probably just finished your marketing plan for 2020. No doubt, you are looking forward to hitting the ground running, right? The goal, of course, is to expand your book of business.