Top 10 Legal Startup Ideas You Can Start Today

Our digital marketing agency, Oamii, works almost exclusively with law firms, and many of them are startups.  Consequently, we have had a lot of experience helping startups “find their sea legs” and ultimately get moving in the right direction, towards growth and an expanding client base.  

Proven Methods To Get Clients As A Solo Attorney

Marketing is marketing regardless of the product or service being sold, right?  Not really. Legal services are different.

In fact, when it comes to marketing for a law firm – particularly a solo or small law firm – the strategy has to be quite different than for most other products or services out there.  Why is that? Is there something inherently wrong with the business of law? Are legal services somehow unmarketable using the usual strategies?

Top 10 Must Read Books for Lawyers In 2019

As lawyers, we read a lot.  So, why not use that tool to improve our careers as well?  When it comes to books for lawyers it always helps to get some great recommendations.  No question, there are a lot of books for lawyers out there, so we at Oamii wanted to help you by providing a top 10 list of the must-read books for lawyers in 2019.  

How to Win Over Jurors

You are a trial lawyer.  You know that the most important job you have in that trial courtroom is convincing the people in the jury box that your side is the right one, and that they should find for you.  Easy right? We all know it is an immense task.