What is the Hierarchy in a Law Firm?

As you know the practice of law is a profession that is, at bottom, an exercise in the art of presenting two sides of an argument for a neutral arbiter, or presenting the interests of parties who want to reach an agreement.  Those are essentially the kinds of interactions that lawyers facilitate. The tools of the trade for lawyers are rules, statutes, and regulations that serve as the parameters for how disputes are settled or agreements made.

Law Firm Management Cheatsheet

When you are managing a law firm, you have a lot of balls in the air.  You need to meet the demands of clients with high expectations. You need to be a leader that sets the tone and example for the firm’s ethics, administration, and finances.  You need to make sure that your staff and other counsel feel valued and part of the team. And you need to keep on track with any casework that you still have on your own desk.

lawyer conflict of interest checklist

Do You Need a Lawyer Conflict of Interest Checklist?

Consider this real-world scenario. Mrs Jones calls a law firm with regard to a child custody matter.  The minor child’s name is Johnny Jones. The firm asks who the opposing party is in the case. Mrs Jones tells you that it is Johnny’s father, Billy Jones.  

marketing steps for small firms

4 Easy Marketing Steps for Small Firms from the Top Digital Marketing Agency in South Florida

A marketing plan needs to fit the law firm doing the planning.  That may sound like it makes intuitive common sense, but when you get momentum for a particular marketing approach, sometimes matters like scope and appropriate reach get a lost in the mix.  Remember the size, client base, and surrounding competitors of a law firm can impact considerably a marketing approach.  

unusual law firm advertising ideas

10 Unusual Law Firm Advertising Ideas

In the law business today, getting clients is the name of the game.  Any legal recruiter will tell you that the most important thing you need to move upward in the business is to have a book of business.

how to get new clients for your law firm

How to Get New Clients for Your Law Firm?

As lawyers, we live in a world of billable hours.  We all know it is tedious and less-than-fun living our working lives in six-minute intervals.  But what is even worse than keeping track of your hours .1 at a time is trying to find time to market your legal practice.  Yet, you need to know how to get new clients for your law firm.