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Top 10 Largest Law Firms in Florida

One of the fundamental rules in marketing is to “know your competition.”  If you have no knowledge of your competition, then you have no context on how to beat that competition.   Indeed, that is part of the key to legal marketing – to show the customer or potential client that you can provide something that others cannot.

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How to Create Successful Content Marketing for Law Firms?

The most successful law firms these days are using the power of content marketing for law firms to generate new clients for their book of business.  In the last five years, the number of law firms that are using blogs, i.e., content marketing for lawyers, to generate traffic to their websites has increased fourfold.
Building Your Book of Business

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Best Law Firm Scripts to Sign More Clients

Can changing the way youanswer your phone help you get more clients? Yes.

In the law firm world, “conversion”is the art of taking a person who needs legal services and converting themfrom a potential client into a client. There are a number of factors that go into “converting” that person intosomeone who is going to work with your firm, and rely on your legalexperience to assist him in getting the legal help he needs.  Those various factors include:

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Wish You Could Clone Yourself to Do Marketing and Legal Work at the Same Time? Think Chatbots

In our last blog, we began a discussion about “chatbots” on Facebook Messenger.  This blog will continue with that discussion, but we take a broader focus on chatbots in general, and how they can help your law firm’s bottom line.