Facebook messenger chatbots

Law Firm Digital Marketing Using Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Did you know that more users use Facebook Messenger than they do Facebook itself?  We were surprised by that fact too.  In addition, did you know that 53 percent of people are more likely to interact with a business if they can message the business directly?  Finally, more than 50 percent of people consider business messaging the modern way to communicate.

law firm digital marketing

4 Law Firm Digital Marketing “Musts” That Will Keep You Competitive

Of all the industries on the internet, the legal industry is one of the most competitive.  As we all know, there are a lot of lawyers out there competing for clients.  We at Oamii are a digital marketing agency in South Florida specifically for law firms.  Having worked in that field for many years, we know what it takes to attain, and maintain, a lead in the running race that is the competition to provide legal services.

website audit

Is It Time for a Website Audit? Do It In 3 Easy Steps

As lawyers, you have a lot to worry about over the course of your day.  There are so many pressures on your time.  You tend to get into a groove where you are constantly putting out fires, getting over those short-term hurdles, and just happy that everything else does not need tending to because you only have enough time to finish the project at hand.

seo for law firm marketing

How Powerful is SEO for Law Firm Marketing?

The answer to that question is a resounding “Very Powerful.”  SEO – search engine optimization – is the fundamental component you need to ensure that your website will be seen by potential clients.  Here are few statistics to reinforce that important point.