Does Your Firm’s Digital Marketing Follow Ethics Rules?

As lawyers, we are all about the rules.  After all, that’s what we do – we help others understand what the law is.  When it comes to marketing our practice, however, we sometimes forget the ethics rules that place parameters on the marketing, both online and offline, that we as lawyers do.


Let’s Talk Branding

There is a marketing buzzword that is essential to creating a coherent, cohesive, and compelling strategic marketing approach – regardless of whether it is analog or digital marketing.  That buzzword is “branding.” While it might sound akin to the kinds of business terms that may exude corporate pretentiousness like “silos,” “onboarding,” and “synergies,” it is actually a concept that is fundamental to proper strategic marketing.

legal digital marketing trends for 2019

Legal Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

Ideas, products, business cycles, and services all come in phases.  As some trends in legal digital marketing fade, other new developments come to the fore and become the “next big thing” for law firms.  As one of the top digital marketing firms in West Palm Beach, FL, Oamii has done its research, and knows the latest legal digital marketing trends coming down the pike.

mobile law firm marketing

How Critical is Mobile Law Firm Marketing?

The answer to that question is “extremely critical.”  The statistics are amazing.  At least over 70% of all internet traffic is currently happening on mobile phones and tablets.  Also, 50% of Americans conduct all their online activities on a mobile device, meaning that the only device they use to go online is a mobile one.  You might just be reading this blog on a mobile device right now.